Vandebron Enhances Business Efficiency and Customer Experience with Camunda 

Press Release

December 14, 2023

Camunda Process Orchestration Improves Customer Lifecycle Management for the Green Energy Supplier 

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Vandebron, a green energy supplier in the Netherlands, and Camunda, a leader in process orchestration, partner to provide a streamlined experience for Vandebron’s customers. Vandebron chose Camunda to leverage the flexibility and scalability it offers to automate, orchestrate, and optimize multiple processes, enhancing overall business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Vandebron, a subsidiary company of E.ON, only offers energy that is sustainably generated in the Netherlands. Customers can choose their own wind, bio, or solar energy sources. Through this approach, Vandebron’s customers know exactly where their green energy comes from and contribute directly to the energy transition.

“At Vandebron, our mission is 100% renewable energy in the Netherlands, as soon as possible,” says Arno van den Berg, CTO at Vandebron. “We are a green tech innovator that wants to lead, meaning that our processes need to be scalable and ready for innovation and optimization. To do this, we selected Camunda as our process orchestration solution, paving the way for sustained growth and achieving our mission faster.”

“Our current home-grown solution automating customer processes is not future-proof,” said Willem Mulder, team manager BPM at Vandebron. “We’re encountering hard limits, particularly concerning the asynchronous processing speed of various tasks. Furthermore, we want to enable other IT and business teams to create and own their parts of the overall solution we provide.”

Camunda provides a wide range of business outcomes to Vandebron in terms of:

  • Customer experience: By optimizing processes and ensuring faster response times, Vandebron can provide its customers with a more comprehensive, efficient, and enjoyable experience.
  • Efficiency: With a higher degree of automation, internal resources are free to focus on other business projects and initiatives.
  • Agility: Vandebron now enjoys greater flexibility when it comes to maintaining and enhancing key processes. Moreover, Camunda’s analytical capabilities facilitate process optimization.
  • Flexibility and scalability: With its SaaS offering, Camunda can easily scale to meet Vandebron’s processing needs to accommodate its future needs and growth.
  • Empowerment: Vandebron’s BPM team will establish a Center of Excellence to enable the whole company to orchestrate and automate their own processes increasing overall business agility. 
  • Collaboration: Using Camunda Modeler and BPMN as a standard, collaboration across different teams is greatly simplified.
  • Developer Experience: Vandebron’s software development team benefits from Camunda’s developer-friendly, pro-code open platform with intuitive low-code capabilities.

“We are happy to partner with Vandebron to help make the energy market more sustainable, fairer, and more transparent,” said Frederic Meier, vice president, sales, at Camunda. “Our process orchestration solution is designed to help organizations like Vandebron automate and improve all of their processes, and to deliver tangible business outcomes internally and to its customers.”

About Vandebron 

Vandebron was founded in 2014 to make the energy market fairer, more sustainable, and more transparent. The company’s mission is to move to 100% sustainable energy in the Netherlands as quickly as possible. They do this by making 100% green energy, generated by Dutch producers, available to consumers. By using smart technology, they are working towards making this green energy available 100% of the time. By now, over 325 energy sources and 180,000 customers are connected to the platform. Since 2017, Vandebron also offers electric driving services, such as a charging pass, charging station, and Smart Charging. The company is based in Amsterdam. For more information, see

About Camunda

Camunda enables organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency. With Camunda, business users and developers collaborate using BPMN to model end-to-end processes and run sophisticated automation with the speed, scale, and resilience required to stay competitive. Hundreds of enterprises such as Atlassian, ING, and Vodafone design, orchestrate, and improve business-critical processes with Camunda to accelerate digital transformation. To learn more visit