Camunda BPM 7.13 Release Webinar - Join us Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, 5pm CET/11am ET

Camunda’s VP of Product Management, Rick Weinberg, discusses enhancements and efficiencies in the 7.13 release



Solve Common Problems With the Camunda BPM Workflow Automation Platform

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Replace Legacy BPMS

If you’re stuck with a legacy BPMS product and you find it too heavyweight, restrictive, or expensive, you should consider migrating to Camunda BPM.

This migration has been done many times and is fairly straightforward.

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Replace Homegrown Workflow Technology

Many organizations get started with workflow automation by building software from scratch–for example, hard-coding a process in Java or creating a simple state machine.

But these systems become hard to maintain, offering limited scalability and requiring developers to reinvent the wheel.

Camunda BPM offers a compelling alternative to homegrown software: it’s lightweight and developer friendly, highly embeddable, and highly customizable.

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Add Workflow to Software Product

Software vendors in a range of industries have recognized the value in offering their customers workflow automation in their product.

While vendors could build their own workflow engine from scratch, this is a resource-intensive effort and adds considerable overhead to a project.

Including an existing BPM platform in a product offers a compelling alternative to building one from scratch.

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Microservices Orchestration

A workflow engine is a natural fit for microservices orchestration, ensuring that critical business processes spanning multiple microservices can be carefully monitored and managed.

Camunda BPM is lightweight and can be embedded in a microservice and includes tooling to provide non-technical users insight into key processes.

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Integrate with RPA Tools

Robotic process automation has emerged as a popular approach for automating manual tasks in systems where no API is available.

Integrate your RPA tool with Camunda BPM to manage and monitor end-to-end core business processes.

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