Orchestrate, Automation, and Transform with Camunda

Orchestrate Human Workflows

For decades, organizations across industries have been working to automate tasks that were traditionally done manually. Fast forward to today, with millions of people working remotely and mission-critical operations breaking down because they depend on people to act — for example, to review and approve work.

Camunda orchestrates human workflows to ensure that processes that involve people run smoothly. Camunda provides a lightweight, easy-to-integrate solution that can help you fix slow, inefficient, or broken human workflows.


Orchestrate, Observe and Analyze Microservices

Modern microservices software architectures often require orchestration to ensure critical business processes that span multiple microservices can be carefully monitored, managed and analyzed.

Camunda is lightweight, can be embedded in a microservice, run as an independent orchestrator and comes with the tooling necessary to provide non-technical users insight into key processes. It also provides a significant process transparency to allow for technical troubleshooting and improvements.


Take Control of Your RPA Bots

Robotic process automation has emerged as a popular approach to automate manual tasks in systems where no API is available. However, RPA results in challenges such as poor process visibility, siloed bot deployments, hidden maintenance and security costs, and increased process complexity.

Use Camunda to orchestrate, monitor, and analyze RPA bots as part of your end-to-end business processes. Get a full understanding of your processes and capture a complete record of activity across multiple services and bots.


Modernize Legacy Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)

If you’re stuck with a legacy BPMS product and you find it too heavyweight, restrictive, or expensive, you should consider migrating to Camunda.

This migration has been done many times and is fairly straightforward.

Build a Centralized Process Automation Platform

Process automation typically starts with a pilot program to select a workflow technology, followed by a lighthouse project in which a team delivers clearly defined goals in a limited amount of time. To grow beyond a lighthouse project and scale process automation across teams, many enterprises choose to provide a centralized automation platform as a standard solution to the entire organization.

Camunda is a solid foundation for a centralized process automation platform that will enable teams to automate a wide variety of business processes from end to end.

Modernize Legacy IT Systems

Organizations face many roadblocks to digital transformation: monolithic business applications, heavyweight BPM suites, unscalable homegrown software, brittle RPA bots, inflexible development practices, tedious manual work, and outdated infrastructure. These roadblocks prevent the organization from becoming more competitive, conducting business more efficiently, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and transforming into a true digital business.

Camunda is a lightweight solution that can help you retire homegrown software, orchestrate both monoliths and microservices, reduce RPA bot overhead, and increase business agility.


Replace Homegrown Workflow Solutions

Many organizations get started with workflow automation by building software from scratch–for example, hard-coding a process in Java or creating a simple state machine.

But these systems become hard to maintain, offering limited scalability and requiring developers to reinvent the wheel.

Camunda offers a compelling alternative to homegrown software: it’s lightweight and developer friendly, highly embeddable, and highly customizable.

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