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Today we release the first version of the new Camunda Modeler to the public. The new modeler is a desktop application and integrated modeling solution for BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.1. It builds on top of the BPMN 2.0 and DMN tooling provided by bpmn.io and brings its simplicity, performance and style to every computer.

Camunda Modeler Screenshot

Download the new Modeler from camunda.org and start building BPMN 2.0 diagrams better and faster today.

Current Feature Set

The modeler provides you with a rich modeling tooling, including:

  • Modeling of BPMN 2.0 process and collaboration diagrams
  • Editing of BPMN 2.0 and Camunda properties via a properties panel
  • Modeling of DMN 1.1 tables
  • Tabbing (multiple diagrams open)
  • History with Undo and Redo
  • Native Operating system integration for Windows and Mac

(You will find most modeling features from our Eclipse BPMN 2.0 Plug-in in the new modeler, too).

The modeler supports the new camunda BPMN 2.0 XML extension namespace and works with Camunda BPM 7.4.

Future Planning

Next versions of the modeler will feature

  • Complete BPMN 2.0 modeling support
  • Complete camunda extension support (via properties panel)
  • Better validation
  • Better integration of DMN tables and BPMN 2.0 rule tasks
  • Improved operating system integration
  • XML editing

Try it out!

We are proud to share this new generation Camunda BPMN 2.0 modeling tool with you, for free.

Do you like what you are seeing or do you see room for improvement? Tell us what you think via the modelers GitHub project or reach out to us via our forums.

Make sure to follow this blog or our Twitter feed to stay tuned for further updates, too.

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