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Please meet Cawemo – the Collaboration Hub for Business Process Automation

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When I first stumbled upon BPMN back in 2007, I was taken aback. It looked complicated! I didn’t really understand the difference between a sequence flow and a message flow, and, more importantly, I didn’t think I should care.

There weren’t any tutorials, let alone books or seminars around, so I had to read the specification and talk to a few people to finally get my head around the core concepts. At that time I already had some experience with process mapping, mostly with EPC, and reflecting daily operations in process models had become my professional passion. And now suddenly there was this new, vendor-independent process notation that was based on a few very simple, yet powerful, concepts for drawing a process model – basically the same concepts that apply when technically executing those models. Once I truly understood the potential of this, I was hooked.

Twelve years later, Camunda is on a mission to bring software developers and business stakeholders together to help them automate core business processes in a joint effort. In the course of that mission we launched Cawemo in 2017 as a SaaS app for collaborative editing of BPMN process models. Jokingly, I sometimes call it the “Google Docs for BPMN”, because the idea was to make it as easy as possible to adopt BPMN, and, at the same time, to provide great features for collaborative modeling, even in real-time. In a way, this was an experiment that we started as a side project, just to see how it might evolve. Today, more than 20,000 users have signed up with Cawemo and the tool is playing a crucial role in the daily business of many organizations.

We have therefore decided to double-down on Cawemo and make it a first-class citizen of the Camunda product stack, available both as a Service (hosted by Camunda) and on-premise (hosted by yourself). This version will be pre-integrated with the Camunda Enterprise Platform, allowing for seamless synchronization with the Camunda desktop Modeler application, as well as the Camunda Runtime Platform, which ensures the models you are discussing with your colleagues are 100% definitely the ones currently running in production.

Furthermore, for the pure SaaS version that is not integrated with Camunda BPM, we have removed the seat limitation for free accounts. This means you can collaborate in Cawemo with all your co-workers, and it’s still completely free!

You can find the official press release here.

To get a full walk-through of Cawemo and how it integrates with Camunda BPM, please sign up for our release webinar now: [Register for the Cawemo Release Webinar]

This is just the beginning. We are going to add many more exciting features to Cawemo, including support for the popular DMN standard. And we will keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in order to give any stakeholder in business process automation projects a voice and empower them to contribute.

I am very excited about this milestone, and grateful for the amazing Cawemo team that made this possible – Thank you!

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