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The Process Automation market opportunity is huge. With market estimates in excess of $10 billion for software alone, 97% of enterprise IT decision makers agree that Process Automation is vital to their digital transformation initiative. According to The State of Process Automation report, Process Automation is cited as the key driver of innovation and is the most important factor to achieve business outcomes. 

Partners have long been integral to our success, which is why we recently unveiled our new Camunda Connect Partner Program that provides expanded support for organizations that develop and implement Camunda, sell Camunda, or include Camunda among their solution offerings.

As part of our new program, we recently held the first-ever conference exclusively for partners: Camunda Connect 2021. More than 100 partners gathered to learn about enhancements to our new Camunda Connect Partner Program, and Camunda’s strategic vision to drive joint success as we work with partners to become the Process Automation leader.

During the virtual event sessions, we explored our product roadmap, new role-based training programs, and more marketing support for partners as part of our go-to-market strategy. Partners are vital to our success and only with the help of our partners can we capture the massive opportunity that end-to-end Process Automation brings.

At Camunda Connect 2021, we also reflected on the tremendous momentum we achieved together this past year with the commitment of our partners. And, we’re investing in employee resources and new tools to support our growing partner channel. 

“We are committed to a partner-friendly business model. By working together, leveraging our complementary capabilities and driving success to our clients, the possibilities are endless.”

Bob Pritchard, Senior VP Global Sales and Channels, Camunda

 We truly are better together.

Better Together

One thing is certain, the future is bright for partners who capitalize on the transformative power of Camunda. 

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