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How Vodafone modernized legacy architecture with Camunda

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  • How Vodafone modernized legacy architecture with Camunda

Vodafone Germany is the largest national company in the Vodafone Group — in fact, every second German is a Vodafone customer.

As an established leader in the telco industry, Vodafone faced several legacy technology problems that were creating issues for the business and customers. Its OTELO and branded reseller IT system ran a vast number of different services, supporting an array of customer-facing channels — from campaigns and product offers to POS. However, it was impossible to separate the channels and, without an effective API layer in the infrastructure, Vodafone couldn’t establish an important online partner channel that was urgently required within its branded reseller and second brand segments. 

This legacy services technology wasn’t just ineffective to use and difficult to maintain, it created high maintenance and operating costs, a slow time-to-market for new products and an inconsistent customer experience.

Vodafone is not unique in this situation — telecoms are facing a crucial turning point. The TM Forum, the global industry organization for communications and digital service suppliers, recently stated:

Telecoms is at a crucial turning point. The last decade has dealt a series of punishing blows to an industry that had previously enjoyed enviable growth for more than 20 years. Services that once returned high margins are being reduced to commodities in the digital world, and our insatiable appetite for data demands continuous investment in infrastructure. 

The TM Forum

Read our free case study to learn how Vodafone Germany’s OTELO and Branded Reseller Businesses transformed from multiple monoliths to a cloud-based infrastructure orchestrated with Camunda — creating an omnichannel layer to orchestrate the end-to-end customer journey, greatly improving the customer experience, all while continuing to ship product increments through:

  • Discovering Hidden Processes
  • Step-by-Step Migration 
  • Continuous Improvement 

Using Camunda, not only was Vodafone able to demonstrate a minimum viable product within three months, the first go-live came after just five months.

“In addition, one of the greatest benefits of this project has been the close cooperation between business and IT fostered by business-process-centered communications between the teams.”  

Michael Völler, Head of Project and Demand Management OTELO and Branded Reseller Business, Vodafone

If you’d like to learn more about how Vodafone boosted agility, transparency and scalability with Camunda Platform, download our free case study.

Camunda Platform at Vodafone Germany

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