Jyske Bank: From Emails to Automation

Automating the back-office with Camunda Platform - saving up to 30% of time previously spent handling electronic payment card requests.
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Automating the back-office with Camunda Platform — saving up to 30% of time previously spent handling electronic payment card requests.

Jyske Bank is one of Denmark’s largest banks, expanding through mergers and organic growth to serve more than 600,000 retail and corporate customers.

The global banking sector is under pressure to perform more efficiently — increasing focus on customer service by automating manual processes that advisors would previously spend hours completing. Inside Jyske Bank, operating procedures are constantly being analyzed and refined for greater automation to enable advisors to concentrate on relationship-based tasks.

One such manual process is the electronic payment card requests for business clients, which  Jyske Bank automated and centralized into one of its back-office functions. Prior to this, Outlook email was being used as a case management system and Jyske Bank estimates that around one to four hours each day was spent on manually managing this process. 

Automating the process with Camunda Platform has made electronic payment card requests more efficient and saved advisors significant time.

Handling electronic payment card requests for business clients and banks with Camunda

Business banking clients of Jyske Bank are able to use electronic payment cards to manage outgoing payments to their customers and other banks. However, sometimes business banking clients are unable to pair payments with a customer, so they have no record of the transaction. When this happens, clients have to email Jyske Bank requesting the pairing.

At specific times of the day a process is started on Camunda Platform, to see if any requests have come into Jyske Bank for pairing business banking payments. This automatically picks up contact information from the email and, in combination with an RPA-based-service task, the transactions are automatically identified in Jyske Bank’s legacy system. The process sees if all information is received and, if it has been received, the process communicates the result to the business client and their bank account.   

Sometimes the input data received from business client emails is of low quality, but other times it can include pictures, tables etc. When it is not possible for the RPA-based service task to identify the transaction based on the supplied information, it sends back-office employees a user task in a task list, which was developed in-house, where it is possible for employees to structure the data from the email request.

If there are multiple transactions with the same amount, or other characteristics that make it difficult to identify if it is the correct transaction, the back-office receives another user-task. If there are more requests linked to the same bank or business client, the transactions are bundled so they only receive one request from Jyske Bank each day. Plus, to free up time and relieve back-office employees, a reminder procedure is also automated, to ensure that tasks are completed in time.

Since automating the process with Camunda Platform, Jyske Bank reduced the time spent handling electronic payment card requests by 30%.  

The next steps

Jyske Bank is exploring more ways to align this process across the entire banking sector, to make the process standardized and easier for customers. When the input is standardized, a higher percentage of the requests can be automated, and the input can be scanned in the process instead of involving the back-office employee. The process has been released with new features multiple times since the original implementation and the users are continuously giving great feedback to Jyske Bank’s IT team.

Want to learn more about leveraging process automation to improve customer service?

Camunda empowered Jyske Bank

Camunda empowered Jyske Bank to precisely model, design and orchestrate each step of the fraud-prevention Know Your Customer process, regulated by the European Banking Authority and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Accounting for wait times, asynchronous responses, and the variety of states throughout, Jyske Bank refined its Know Your Customer process toward better self-service, better compliance and better customer experiences.

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