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Cawemo Enterprise (On-Premises) 1.7 Released

We’re happy to announce the 1.7 release of Cawemo Enterprise On-Premises, including improvements like copy & paste between diagrams and smarter milestone autosaving.
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We’re happy to announce the 1.7 release of Cawemo Enterprise On-Premises.

Cawemo is the specification platform of the Camunda stack, enabling all stakeholders to model and collaborate on BPMN and DMN diagrams and related files.

The main improvements in this release are:

As a Camunda Enterprise customer, you can install or upgrade to version 1.7 following our On-Premises Installation instructions. On, these and more improvements are already available to you if you are on the Enterprise plan.

Copy and Paste Between Diagrams

Copy and Paste Between Diagrams Screencast

When working on diagrams it sometimes comes in handy to reuse elements from other diagrams to speed up your modeling experience. Cawemo On-Premises 1.7 facilitates this by offering copy and paste support of elements between BPMN diagrams within the same browser tab. For DMN, support is still limited to rows of decision tables.

Persisted Sorting Preferences

Project diagram sorting

Your sorting preferences are persisted between sessions. This means that after closing the browser, the same sorting preferences that you made before leaving will be applied to the home page and project/catalog pages when you sign in to Cawemo again.

Dedicated Share and Export Buttons for Diagrams

separate menu for downloads and exporting

Until now all Sharing, Download and Export options for diagrams were bundled within the same dropdown menu. For a clearer overview, we introduced a separate menu for everything related to downloading and exporting.

Smarter Milestone Autosaving

Earlier versions of Cawemo automatically created a milestone after exporting a diagram as XML, replacing a diagram via upload or restoring a milestone, even though nothing changed in between. Milestones now are autosaved only if the diagram content has changed since the last milestone.

Share your thoughts

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As a user at, you can send us a direct message through the “Provide feedback” form. We are also active in the Camunda forum and on twitter @Camunda.

If you are interested in the Enterprise plan of Cawemo, please reach out to us via the contact form on our website.

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