Camunda Cloud 1.3.0-alpha3 Released

We’re excited to announce the release of Camunda Cloud 1.3.0-alpha3. Sign up now to get started with Camunda Cloud 1.3.0-alpha3 right away!
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What to Expect

Camunda Cloud 1.3.0-alpha3 is the second alpha release for our next stable minor release in January. The alpha includes bug fixes, and the preparations for the major features of the next 1.3.0 release. 

Starting with Zeebe 1.3.0-alpha3, it’ll be easier to test the processes you’ve designed. 

This repository implements an in memory test engine and BPMN specific assertions. The in memory engine works like the Zeebe engine, but faster! The BPMN assertions allow you to test the state and path of executed process instances.

The first developer preview has been released, and now you can use this dependency:


And then you can write tests like this:

//JUnit 5 extension
class ProcessTest {

  // injected by extension
  private ZeebeClient client; 
  private InMemoryEngine engine; 

  public void testProcessInstanceHasPassedElementsInOrder() {
      // given
      Utilities.deployProcess(client, ProcessPackLoopingServiceTask.RESOURCE_NAME);
      final Map<String, Object> variables =
          Collections.singletonMap(ProcessPackLoopingServiceTask.TOTAL_LOOPS, 1);
      final ProcessInstanceEvent processInstance =
          Utilities.startProcessInstance(engine, client, ProcessPackLoopingServiceTask.PROCESS_ID, variables);

      // when
      Utilities.completeTask(engine, client, ProcessPackLoopingServiceTask.ELEMENT_ID);

      // then

(derived from source)

Please try it out and share your feedback with us. 

Moving forward, we want to expand the test library. Among others, we want to add support for writing tests in Java 8. The first stable release is scheduled to coincide with Zeebe 1.4.0 in April 2022.

How to Get It

You can access Zeebe, Operate and Tasklist 1.3.0-alpha3 directly in Camunda Cloud by selecting the alpha channel when creating a new cluster. Visit Camunda Cloud docs for more information. 

The releases for Zeebe Engine, Operate and Tasklist have also been published on GitHub for your access. As this is an alpha release, we don’t offer updates from other versions or to later versions of the software.

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