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Camunda Optimize 3.10.0-alpha3 released

Announcing the latest release of Camunda Optimize! Camunda Optimize makes it possible to evaluate the success of your process automation initiative.
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We’re excited to announce a new release of Camunda Optimize.

Camunda Optimize provides business activity monitoring for workflows, supporting continuous process improvement by providing transparency into your automated workflows and decisions. Business-friendly reports, dashboards, and alerts make it possible to identify process bottlenecks, improve end-to-end processes, and evaluate the success of your process automation initiative.

In the rest of this post, we’ll highlight some of the new capabilities.

What’s new?

Improved Camunda Platform 8 navigation (Camunda Platform 8)

Camunda Platform 8 SaaS provides easy and intuitive navigation between components (Console, Modeler, Operate, Optimize). The navigation allows the user to directly open any other Camunda Platform 8 component from within Optimize.

Improved Camunda 8 Platform navigation

Dashboard focused navigation (All distributions)

Easily find dashboards pre-built by Camunda with our updated navigation. There is now one tab showing your collections containing your reports and dashboards and one containing  all pre-built dashboards provided by Camunda.

The “Dashboards” tab now contains all pre-built dashboards. They allow you to monitor the adoption of Camunda in your organization and centrally manage one default dashboard for each process. The default dashboard can be created with one click and display the most critical metrics of your process.

Dashboard focused navigation

What’s next?

Stay tuned for the 3.10 alpha4 release of Camunda Optimize.

How to get it

Not a user yet? Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Camunda Platform 8.

If you are a user of Camunda 7 – Enterprise Edition and want to try Optimize, you can download the release with your customer credentials.

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