Camunda’s Vision for Low-Code

Explaining our vision for how Camunda embraces low-code to make you more productive.
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Low-code development is an increasingly common term (as this google trend report demonstrates), but it can mean different things depending on who you speak to. Given the rising importance of the term, and our growing support for low-code accelerators such as Connectors, I want to explain our vision for how Camunda embraces low-code to make you more productive.

Why low-code, and why now

From the start, Camunda has always focused on enabling developers to automate processes more effectively. Beginning as a BPM consulting company in 2008 and progressing through the launch of Camunda Platform in 2013, we recognized that the traditional BPMS providers had solutions that were not truly developer-friendly. We knew we could provide something better, and that was the start of our rapidly growing international software business.

Despite the success that we saw with that product, we decided to take process orchestration to a much higher level of scalability and resilience. So we developed an entirely new, cloud-native workflow-engine, which is now at the core of the latest version of Camunda Platform.

During all these years, our ambition has always been to provide developer-friendly automation technology that is enterprise-ready. Today, Camunda powers mission-critical core processes at hundreds of enterprises.

Our customers often see “low-code” as a double-edged sword: Many low-code tools first seem to make development easier and faster, but they can become a dead end once you have enterprise-grade requirements. That is why software developers, enterprise architects, and other automation professionals have developed some healthy skepticism when low-code vendors promise the next silver bullet of application development.

However, we did observe that our customers began to extend Camunda over time, to provide low-code shortcuts to their internal development teams. Thanks to Camunda’s open architecture, these extensions were easy to make, and they showed us how low-code can be applied in an actually smart way, a way that makes life easier for software developers without compromising on flexibility and scalability, while allowing less technical personas to create powerful automation solutions, too.

That observation inspired us on our next innovation focus for Camunda: We’re taking the most powerful automation platform of our time, and add low-code in a smart, developer-friendly way, so that Camunda can be applied to a lot more use cases, by a lot more people, a lot faster.

Developer-friendliness has always been at our core, and even though that term has not always been closely associated with “low-code,” we did not let that stop us from building capabilities that we knew would help businesses accomplish their automation goals. But along the way we never forgot who we are as a company and why we are doing everything we do. For some, low-code can mean something inflexible or limited, but not for us.

What you can expect

We are combining deep pro-code capabilities with the ability to encapsulate code into reusable modules that are shortcuts we call “low-code accelerators”. Camunda provides built-in accelerators with Camunda Platform and makes it easy for teams to build their own, helping businesses deliver better experiences rapidly.

Camunda’s low-code accelerators benefit:

  • IT and Software Developers by providing a modular architecture that allows encapsulation of pro-code concepts into reusable low-code accelerators. This enables both flexibility and reuse by developers as well as business technologists. An example of this architecture are the reusable Connectors that developers can build with our Integration Framework. Once built, maintenance is centralized so others can reuse in a consistent and reliable manner.
  • Enterprise Architects and Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) Leaders by providing a CoE-friendly platform that combines the extensibility that developers love with low-code accelerators that speed up automation projects, without sacrificing governance and security.
  • Business Technologists who are close to, and deeply understand, business processes and can step beyond modeling and into form design, and even core-use case automation by leveraging the low-code accelerators.
  • Organizations by enabling as many people as needed to automate faster. Organizations can streamline operations, better adapt to change, and deliver superior experiences. This saves time, money, and boosts employee morale and customer satisfaction.

Developer-friendly process orchestration is our passion. We believe that pro-code concepts are absolutely critical to addressing the complexity of real-world automation. We will therefore not implement low-code in a way that constrains developer flexibility. Real-world automations are difficult, and Camunda’s mission is to be a trusted partner who will work on your behalf to find better and easier ways to accelerate your automation vision.

Our mission is to enable organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency.

Our low-code accelerators are one more building brick to accomplish that mission.

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