Kickstart Your Next Automation Project with the New Camunda Starter Plan

We've relaunched our Professional plan as the Starter plan with an updated offering and a new monthly price to help you get started faster.
kickstart your next automation project with the new camunda starter plan
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Over the last 12 months, the Camunda Professional plan has supported hundreds of companies with their automation projects.

Over this time period, we have learned from speaking with many of our customers in the Professional plan, including larger companies like Heimstaden, that adopting a development cluster accelerates the development of their automation projects. Those learnings led us to relaunch the plan with an updated offering.

What is included in the new Starter plan?

Our Starter plan now allows teams to begin their process orchestration projects faster with a development cluster included. It also features add-ons available for production use and a consumption-based pricing model allowing you to scale your use.

We’ve seen that this configuration helps teams get started more rapidly. This new offering reduces the cost of building a proof-of-concept/pilot project with a dev cluster from €199/mo to just €99/month.

All Starter plans include 10 general users and one development cluster, which allows unlimited test usage for process/decision instances and task users (within the fair usage limits). It’s easy to scale up or down as your demands change, whether you want to add production clusters, development clusters, users, production usage for instances, or anything else you need to meet your process orchestration goals.

When should companies be using Camunda 8 Starter?

Based on the learnings from our previous offering, the new Starter plan is designed to support the following core use cases:

  • Develop proof of concepts or pilot projects: Start your automation projects right away in Camunda 8 SaaS by building POCs and demos to showcase Camunda internally. While building those projects, we recommend you get in touch with one of our experts.
  • Automate Low-Volume Processes: Planning to start automating a low-volume process at a budget? By combining the base plan at €99/month with a production cluster at €20/reservation day, you can go live to production with your project and pay based only on your monthly consumption. Once ready to scale, you can contact us for an Enterprise plan to take advantage of scale discounts.

Getting Started with Camunda 8 Starter

Sign up for a Camunda Starter plan today and get started with a 30 day free trial! Once you’re ready to go to production, you can check out our pricing page for an interactive calculator for production usage.

Already have a trial? Upgrade to Starter today

If you already have a trial and want to continue with the capabilities of the Starter plan, you can ensure a smooth transition by upgrading today.

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