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An integral part of process orchestration is process automation—get those repeatable, well-understood tasks that don't require complex decision-making on autopilot!
Process automation is a powerful way to optimize and streamline business workflows. Get an overview of what process automation is and how you can benefit from it today.
Digital transformation within the constraints of the telecom technology landscape has proven to be more challenging than expected. Read how process orchestration might be just the solution it needs.
Learn the difference between orchestration and automation and how you can apply them in your organization. See examples, use cases and more.
Dig into how Intuit used workflow automation to manage 396 transactions per second during its most demanding months.
Discover how our latest Camunda Platform Runtime 7.16.0 release introduces a new Quarkus Extension allowing you to add an embedded process engine.
When Forrester Consulting spoke to six longtime Camunda Platform users, they learned how they’re delivering process automation projects faster, driving organizational efficiency and better customer service with massive, multi-million dollar impact to the business. Download the Total Economic Impact study commissioned by Camunda.
The recent release of Camunda Platform 7.15 introduces Camunda Forms, a brand new way of working with forms for user tasks. It consists of a visual editor that is built into Camunda Modeler to create forms, a way to deploy forms into the Workflow Engine alongside your process models, and a library that embeds deployed forms into Tasklist.