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Transforming the Customer Experience in Telecommunications Through Order Management Automation

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Key Benefits

  • End-to-end process orchestration
  • Better customer experience
  • Accelerated time-to-market

Camunda Products

  • Camunda

Automating order management for better customer experiences; Enables telcos to offer and process individualized campaigns, create new streams of revenue; Highly scalable Camunda-powered solution delivering up to 1,000 process instances started per second

The Background

Amdocs is a leading provider of software and services to the world’s leading players in the communications and media industry. Its solutions enable over 350 service providers in 85 countries to accelerate their digital transformation, accelerate their journey to the cloud and drive growth. With 27,000 employees, Amdocs is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, and had revenue of $4.2 billion in fiscal 2020.

A perfect storm of crosswinds is putting enormous pressure on global telecommunications companies. From new market entrants buoyed by cutting-edge business models to ever-changing government regulations and a hypercompetitive landscape, market leaders are forced to rethink their operating models and discover ways to cut time and friction from their processes. Legacy tech and long-proven ways of doing business quickly become the biggest barriers preventing monetization. Lacking elegant, flexible solutions, some telcos bear a too-costly burden of keeping outmoded systems online to maintain revenues from existing business units, which makes it harder to innovate and transform.

Automating Order Management to Drive New Revenue Streams, Better Customer Experiences

Order fulfillment is one critical area where Amdocs is helping telcos companies transform the customer experience. Engaging customers at the moment of need with precisely the right experience or offer can have a dramatic impact on sales. It’s a critical competitive advantage that can be hard to achieve. Too often legacy services are supported by a large patchwork of legacy systems and loaded with manual and paper-intensive tasks. How can telcos and media companies accelerate time-to-market and bring modern innovation and automation to order fulfillment across their entire portfolio? How can they add promotions and offers, enable greater self-service, seamlessly scale up or down, and ensure all orders are automatically delivered successfully in real-time?

Amdocs is solving these challenges for many of the world’s leading telcos with DigitalONE, a complete digital enablement platform for customer care and commerce spanning the entire order lifecycle. DigitalONE provides business agility to telcos, enabling the service provider to offer new and complete digital experiences that were once the exclusive domain of streaming- and Internet-native companies.

End-to-end Process Automation for Customer Experience and Order Handling

DigitalONE utilizes process automation solutions enabled by Camunda to automate customer care and ordering workflows that support all engagement types, assisted and unassisted on any channel. The DigitalONE platform enables telcos to determine next-best-action and next-best-offer recommendations tailored to customer wants and needs, and follow through from offer promotion to order placement and delivery, across any channel the end user selects.

With Camunda, we deliver a powerful, microservice-based and DevOps-ready service that helps telcos breakthrough inefficiencies and automate business processes for order management and grow revenues as they modernize their approach to customer service.
Yoav Snir, Head of global partnerships at Amdocs

Camunda automates business processes from end to end, providing a universal automation layer that supports a microservices architecture and can orchestrate the work of any human or system participant of a business process. For Amdocs, it offers the visibility, integration, and control necessary to power DigitalONE’s order management system. Camunda’s highly scalable workflow and decision engines achieve a magnitude of scale that global communications companies require — up to 1,000 process instances started per second in some use cases, always maintaining a full history of processes that support reporting and regulatory compliance.

This scalability also allows Amdocs to deliver powerful order processing solutions to global telcos and regional carriers alike.

DigitalONE is helping global companies achieve new levels of customer satisfaction and monetization.

  • A Southeast Asian telecommunications company with tens of millions of subscribers is working with Amdocs to digitize the sales and ordering experience and better orchestrate their marketing with intelligent, highly targeted campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of individual customers. Camunda provides the underlying orchestration for DigitalONE to automate order processing from end to end and allows the required agility for reduce time-to-market and handle demanding loads with new offers and campaigns
  • One of Europe’s largest telcos is transforming its business with DigitalONE, improving velocity by offering a unified, digital customer experience with automation supported by Camunda. The company is delivering automation across its customer experience and commerce processes, and helping it dramatically scale its 5G business lines.
  • One of Asia’s largest telcos is modernizing its prepaid and postpaid mobile as well as fixed-line businesses, automating sales and ordering and optimizing the customer experience with custom offers — all powered through Amdocs’ solution where Camunda orchestrates ordering and case management workflows. The telco achieves faster time to value from its campaigns and can better respond to market opportunities as a result.

“With Camunda, we deliver a powerful, microservice-based and DevOps-ready service that helps telcos breakthrough inefficiencies and automate business processes for order management and grow revenues as they modernize their approach to customer service,” said Yoav Snir, head of global partnerships at Amdocs.

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