Download Modeler for Camunda

Download Camunda Modeler Open Source Desktop Modeler Supports: BPMN, DMN, FormsVersion: 5.22.0Release Date: April 9, 2024Platform: Camunda 8 and below License: Camunda Modeler is licensed under the MIT license. Third-party libraries included are distributed under their respective licenses (view third-party notices). No warranties: Camunda Modeler comes without any guarantees. Download Get Started Download and unzipJust unzip the download in a folder of your choice. No additional installation necessary. Start Camunda ModelerRun Camunda Modeler.exe (Windows), Camunda (Mac) or camunda-modeler (Linux). Run your own WorkflowCheck out the getting started page to learn how to build and run your own workflow in no time. Camunda Web Modeler Start designing business process models today. Create, organize & share unlimited BPMN & DMN models. … Continue reading Download Modeler for Camunda