Camunda Launches Optimize 3.0 for Process Events Monitoring Across Systems

Press Release

April 7, 2020

First BPMN-based process analytics platform to provide a unified view of real-time process insights from any data source

BERLIN, April 7, 2020 – Camunda, creators of developer-friendly, open source process automation software, today announced the release of Camunda Optimize 3.0. This new release adds end-to-end Process Events Monitoring to Camunda’s leading process automation platform. Now for the first time teams can analyze and visualize processes in their entirety – even when they span across multiple systems and technologies. As a result, organizations can get much better transparency into the performance of their business processes, solve data silo problems, spot errors and make process improvements faster.

It’s typical that business processes may be managed by multiple systems, and many may have both automated and manual hand-offs in between. This can make it challenging to view and analyze the performance of a particular process from beginning to end. As organizations automate workflows and decisions with Camunda, Optimize provides analytics and dashboards that offer insight into these business processes. The latest release of Optimize reflects external data as well as Camunda-reported data, providing transparency across processes to support operational monitoring and continuous improvement.

Camunda Optimize 3.0 delivers true end-to-end insights so that customers can better understand and improve their core business processes:

– A simple API for importing data from external sources, allowing teams to combine external process data with processes managed in Camunda BPM
– Mapping for imported process data to connect raw event data from external sources to steps in a human-readable BPMN 2.0 process model.
– End-to-end process analysis that enables users to build reports, dashboards, and alerts with a true end-to-end view of processes – no matter which part of the process is automated with Camunda BPM or another system.

“Camunda Optimize provides real-time visibility into our process automation cases, including third-party events from Robotic Process Automation (RPA)” said Eduardo Conceição, RPA Architect at Nokia. “This allows us the opportunity for a complete, end-to-end view of an entire business process in an easier way – no matter what technology. As a result, we could better identify bottlenecks, analyze process performance and ultimately improve our processes overall.”

“With developer-friendly workflow automation playing a central role in any digital transformation effort, organizations are recognizing the importance of process visibility and continuous process improvement,” said Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer. “Optimize 3.0 delivers groundbreaking new capabilities so our customers can analyze and improve their entire end-to-end business processes, even when those processes extend beyond Camunda BPM.”

Customers can get started with Optimize 3.0 today, as Camunda Optimize comes packaged with Camunda BPM’s commercial Enterprise Edition. A free trial of the Enterprise Edition including Optimize 3.0 is available at

Camunda’s open source Community Edition is available at

To learn more, register for the Camunda Optimize 3.0 Release webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, April 8, at 11 a.m. EDT, or view the recording on-demand. Also read “Announcing Optimize 3.0: Any Data Source, True End-to-End Process Visibility” on the Camunda blog.

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