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Beyond Boundaries, Exploring Remote Work

Online: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 10AM ET / 3PM CET

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Welcome to Life@Camunda series, our flagship event designed exclusively for candidates, followers & enthusiasts eager to explore life at Camunda and the nuances of thriving as a fully remote employee. Join us for an insightful journey and take a look inside how life truly is at Camunda and what makes us proud to be part of this remarkable team. 

Why Attend: 

  • Uncover Camunda’s Remote philosophy: Gain firsthand insights into how Camunda fosters an innovative and thriving fully remote work environment.
  • Employee Panel Insights: Hear directly from our team members (Camundi) about their experiences and the unique aspects of global remote life at Camunda.
  • Discover Career Opportunities: Learn about our remote hiring philosophy.
  • Engage in Live Q&A: Interact with our speakers, ask questions, and participate actively in a dynamic Q&A session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore fully remote work with Camunda.

If you are interested in Camunda as your future employer, explore more about us and apply directly through our careers page here.


Olivier Fiaty

Senior Customer Success Manager, Camunda

Olivier Fiaty is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Camunda. He also co-leads a company wide initiative at Camunda, « Stories of Camundi » that highlights and celebrates the Diversity among the global employees. With a decade and a half of experience in Tech and in Customer Success and Experience space, Olivier is a trusted advisor to his clients and helps them achieve their desired outcomes with a strong value realization.

Stephanie Pai

Senior Director of Accounting and Corporate Controlling, Camunda

In her role as Sr Director of Accounting and Corporate Controlling, Stephanie applies over a decade of SaaS industry experience at Camunda, focusing on comprehensive financial management. Her support for remote work aids in global talent acquisition and aligns with Camunda’s 2024 aim of achieving a balanced financial profile, fostering financial operational efficiency and a sustainable work-life balance.
Boni Speaker
Boni Hock

Senior People Business Partner, Camunda

In her role as Senior People Business Partner, Boni collaborates with and advises Camunda’s leaders in Products and G&A. Her role involves aligning the company’s overarching objectives with tailored people solutions. Leveraging her background as a Business Coach and her experiences as a People Partner, she spearheads initiatives that enhance organizational effectiveness, contribute to Camunda’s success, and foster adaptability as we scale.

Moderated by

Sharon Gloyer

Director of Learning and Development, Camunda

In her role as Director of Learning and Development, Sharon aims to accelerate Camunda’s business goals through developing its workforce capabilities. Her professional experience on both the technical and people sides of the business fuel her passion for creating programs that support employee and organizational learning, growth, and leadership development.