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We are happy to announce the release of Camunda Optimize version 2.0-alpha-1.
This release marks the first ever alpha release of the Camunda Optimize 2.0.
It features extended capabilities for analyzing your Business Processes as
well as new User Interface.

Extended Analytics

Optimize 2.0 provides ground-breaking capabilities to analyze your data even
deeper. Along with new aggregations of your data comes possibility to create
reports and dashboards to represent your data and get full insight of it.

Dashboards and reportsUpdated aggregations allow you to view either count of process and activities or
their durations grouped by process instance start date intervals or flow nodes
frequency. Which can be represented in one of following ways:

  • Number
  • Table
  • Bar chart
  • Area line chart
  • Pie chart
  • Heatmap
  • JSON Dump
report creation
Report Creation

Once you have prepared all reports with insights of your data you can now assemble
them into Dashboards. Each dashboard consists of one or more reports placed on
an infinite grid.

dashboard creation
Dashboard Creation

Blazing Fast Import

In order to provide you best user experience, we improved speed of import process,
which now also allows you full control over load that you are putting on your hardware
both on Optimize and Engine sides.

Ease Of Configuration

Configuration files are now using YAML format, which is easier to maintain and

ES 6.0 Ready

Elasticsearch 6.0 was released recently and Optimize is already able to work with
it which allows you rolling updates of your Elasticsearch instances, better
indexing performance and search capabilities.

How to get it

If you want to give the new Camunda Optimize a try, you can download the release with your Enterprise customer credentials. Please sign up for a free 30-day trial version.

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