Helping NGOs and Non-Profits around the world reach even more individuals

Mission-driven organizations are often short-staffed, insufficiently funded, and underestimated. Our new program, Camunda for Common Good, offers an opportunity to give back to organizations that are making a tangible difference in the lives of people around the world. There’s a need for process automation and making operations more efficient no matter what industry you’re in and no matter who you’re serving, but the potential for NGOs and non-profit organizations, in particular, to vastly increase their impact on the world through automation, is compelling.

With the launch of Camunda for Common Good, we’re bringing our powerful process automation platform, combined with our expert knowledge, to support qualified NGOs and non-profit organizations that are making the world a better place. Camunda is uniquely able to help these organizations be even more effective with their work, helping them accelerate their operations and reach even more people. 

Camunda for Common Good

Camunda’s Desire to Make the World a Better Place

Since founding Camunda in 2008, Jakob Freund and Bernd Ruecker have worked to make a positive impact on others with our products. This goal is clear not only in the technical decisions we make but also in the very name of the company — Camunda comes from the Latin verbs “capere” (“to comprehend”) and “munda” (“clean”). This means we want to deeply understand the world around us and, based on that understanding, act in a way that is both effective and ethically correct in order to make the world a better place.

Over the past year, I’ve been working on a project that we internally dubbed “Good Causes.” The driving force behind this project is found in one of our company ambitions: Traction & Impact. A key point within that ambition is to “support causes that actually make a difference” and, in doing so, “make the world a better place.”

This is a very broad aspiration with a lot of potential opportunities, but Jakob and I decided on a concrete implementation: find organizations that would benefit from Camunda’s products, but are not financially able to purchase our enterprise licenses. The goal was simple: help these organizations get up and running quickly with Camunda so that they can serve even more people and touch even more lives.

After a year of hard work investigating other companies with similar initiatives and launching a small pilot of this program with our COVID-19 Response Program, I’m excited to announce Camunda for Common Good — a program created to empower NGOs and non-profit organizations around the world to reach even more people with the power of Camunda’s process automation platform.

Why NGOs and Non-profits? 

Many NGOs and non-profits are tight on time, money, and resources. As we observed their struggle to balance serving their current patrons while also scaling their operations for the future, we saw an opportunity to help. Camunda for Common Good removes some of the barriers these organizations might have, giving them the support and resources to get up and running quickly so that they can remain focused on their missions.

It’s not only about helping them automate the processes that are already in place. Of course, our primary goal is to help these organizations scale beyond what they’re doing so they can serve more people. But if we take this a step further, when these organizations are able to serve more people with the help of the Camunda Platform, their work is now more visible to a larger audience. This additional attention helps them get the funding they need to add to their staff or purchase necessary equipment and resources with which they can make an even bigger difference in their communities.

How are we Helping?

Organizations that are accepted to Camunda for Common Good will receive an enterprise Camunda Platform license. We care about making sure that teams get up and running quickly and successfully, so they’ll be paired with one of our excellent Customer Success Managers to receive top-notch onboarding and ongoing support, in addition to training materials to make sure that they’re implementing good practices. All of these resources, as well as access to our fantastic community of passionate Camunda users, are available at no cost to help them be even more effective with their day-to-day work.

At the end of the day, Camunda for Common Good allows these organizations to spend time on the work that matters. For Heimstatt e.V. Bonn, a German child and youth welfare organization, this means minimising repetitive administration and more time focussing on the kids.

“Heimstatt e.V. Bonn runs two youth centers and two housing projects for young people in addition to a variety of other programs. With the help of Camunda’s process automation platform, we’ll be able to minimize the manual administration processes that our social workers have to spend time on, allowing them to focus on the kids rather than the paperwork.”

Heidi Fuerst, head of administration at Heimstatt e.V. Bonn

Help us help you! If you represent an organization or initiative that could use our assistance to make an even bigger difference in the lives of those around you, please reach out to us via this link.

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