Camunda 7 Editions

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What Camunda 7 Enterprise Edition Offers

End-to-end Process Data Analysis:

Visualize and analyze processes from start to finish, so you can improve performance and identify bottlenecks — even including processes that weren’t executed by Camunda 7.

Real-time Process Updates:
Update processes quickly and easily by migrating running instances to new process definitions without downtime and with a complete audit trail.
Shareable, Reusable Templates:

Bring IT and business users together to collaborate on reusable components that can be shared across projects and teams, with real-time syncing between web-based and desktop modeling tools.

Enterprise-grade Support:

Count on priority response times from our Technical Support team, with optional 24/7/365 availability.

Regular Priority Patches:

Gain immediate access to patch releases that fix product bugs and security vulnerabilities, plus free hotfixes for critical issues.

Role-based Training:

Get up to speed on BPMN, DMN, and process modeling best practices with role-based training for software developers, enterprise architects, and DevOps teams.

Enhanced Operational Management Tools:

Investigate, troubleshoot, and fix problems with processes and decision tables in real time, without disrupting end users’ experience.

Accelerated Root Cause Analysis:

Gain process transparency and history for all process instances based on time, state, retries, and which flows have the most activity.

Out-of-the-box RPA Bot Management:

Ensure RPA is part of your end-to-end automation strategy by using built-in integrations with popular RPA tools and leveraging the power of the BPMN process modeling standard.

Detailed Audit Logs:

Use powerful operational logging to answer critical questions such as: Who did what? Which operation was performed and when? What changes were made?

Expert Architecture Reviews:

Start your projects off right with an architecture review by Camunda experts, complete with suggestions for ways to streamline and enhance your process models and decision tables.

Compare Editions

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Product Stack
BPMN Workflow Engine
Execute business processes with a high-performance engine
DMN Decision Engine
Execute decision tables stand-alone or fully integrated into business processes
A user-friendly desktop application with powerful features for automating processes and decisions
A ready-to-use web interface for human tasks
Cockpit - Core Feature Set
Monitor business processes and automated decisions in real time
Cockpit - Enterprise Feature Set
Advanced tools for analyzing processes, resolving incidents, and migrating process versions
Cawemo - On-prem Enterprise Edition
Give teams access to enterprise-grade features in a self-hosted installation
Optimize - On-prem Enterprise Edition
Easy-to-use performance reports and alerts with real-time process monitoring and analytics
Additional Product Features
RPA Bridge
Connect to RPA tools and orchestrate bots as part of BPMN processes
Real-Time Model Sync
Share BPMN process models between Cawemo and Modeler
Support and Maintenance
Contractual Warranties
SLA based support (up to 24/7/365)
Patch releases for further stability
Consulting and Training Services

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Let us walk you through the product stack and all of its capabilities - from modelling processes and automating decisions to executing human tasks and resolving problems in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camunda 7 Enterprise Edition comes with contractual warranties and support based on service-level agreements, including optional 24/7/365 availability. You’ll also gain access to patch releases, consulting services, and training from our team of process automation experts.

Community Edition users can ask questions and discuss projects with the Camunda community at the Camunda Forum.

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