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We’re happy to announce the 1.5 release of Cawemo Enterprise On-Premises.

Cawemo is the BPMN process specification platform of the Camunda stack, enabling all stakeholders to model and collaborate on process diagrams and related files.

The main improvements in this release are:

As a Camunda Enterprise customer, you can install or upgrade to version 1.5 following our On-Premises Installation instructions. On, these and more improvements are already available to you if you are on the Enterprise plan.

UiPath templates

Cawemo provides an easy-to-use form-based editing for task templates that should trigger a UiPath script via the Camunda RPA Bridge. This way, you only have to define a few parameters like the UiPath package name or the IN and OUT arguments of a UiPath script. In the background, we ensure that a valid template JSON is produced and offered to the Camunda Modeler user. For full flexibility we’ve kept the code editor to write your own custom JSON templates.

uipath template

In case you are new to RPA orchestration, or would like to know more about how to use the Catalog and Templates, we recommend to read our previous release announcement or our RPA Orchestration getting started guide.

Template versioning

You can publish versions for both UiPath and generic JSON templates. This way you’re in control of when a template, or a new version of it, is available to be used in the Modeler. With the version history, known from the milestones feature of process diagrams, you can track changes of a template. 

Please note that with the introduction of this feature, any existing template needs to be published once to be available again to the Modeler. On top, an update to the latest version of the Camunda Modeler and the Cloud Connect plugin is required to ensure full compatibility with Cawemo.

publishing a new template version
template version history

Integration with Camunda Account

Cawemo is the first Camunda product that integrates with Camunda’s new identity and access management solution Camunda Account. Its long-term goal is to provide a unified user account that allows single sign-on across all Camunda products.

For the Cawemo user not much will change for now as you continue to log in with your existing Cawemo credentials. You will only notice minor changes on the login, sign-up, and profile pages as well as in system e-mails, all of which are branded with the Camunda logo now.

However, with a future version of Cawemo, we will be able to offer LDAP support via this new Camunda Account solution.

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As a user at, you can send us a direct message through the “Provide feedback” form. We are also active in the Camunda forum and on twitter @Camunda.

If you are interested in the Enterprise plan of Cawemo, please reach out to us via the contact form on our website.

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