Camunda Platform Runtime 7.16.0-alpha4 Released

We are happy to announce the fourth alpha release of Camunda Platform Runtime 7.16. This release features improvements such as Initial Quarkus 2.0 support, Liquibase support and 8 bug fixes.
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We’re happy to announce the fourth alpha release of Camunda Platform Runtime 7.16. This release features the following improvements:

You can Download Camunda for free or run it with Docker.

For a complete list of all improvements, take a look at the release notes. Please also see the list of known issues.

If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

Initial Quarkus 2.1 support

Camunda Platform 7.16.0-alpha4 brings initial support for the Quarkus 2.1 framework. You can extend Quarkus Applications via Extensions which allows integration with other frameworks and libraries. This is how the Camunda Engine Quarkus Extension began. With it, your Quarkus application can interact with an embedded Camunda process engine. Note that the Camunda Engine Quarkus Extension is under heavy development, so with 7.16.0-alpha4, the following features work:

Keep in mind that, even though Camunda Platform 7.16.0 supports Java 8+, Quarkus 2.x requires Java 11+. You can run your application on the JVM. Compiling your application into a native binary with GraalVM won’t be supported with the 7.16 release.

To plug the Camunda Engine Quarkus Extension into your Quarkus application, you need to add the following dependency:


Check out our simple example which demonstrates, how you can use the Camunda Engine Extension in your application.

Have fun trying it out and share your feedback with us!

Liquibase support

Managing database schemas is a vital task in application management. Camunda Platform regularly provides updates for its database schema with new releases – minor releases as well as patch releases if necessary. Keeping your schemas up-to-date with the latest changes when updating your Camunda Platform version usually is a manual process and can involve running multiple SQL scripts as well as determining which version your database schema is actually currently on.

In order to improve update procedures and make them less error-prone for users, this alpha version features support for the database migration tool Liquibase. Based on a changelog file Camunda updates with every release, Liquibase can update your database schema accordingly without any further manual effort from you. Liquibase takes care of calculating which changes it needs to apply and executes the necessary SQL statements on your database instance. Updating your schema with Liquibase is easy.

Liquibase integration works with Camunda Platform 7.16 and later. This means that you can install Camunda Platform 7.16+ using Liquibase. Migrating to Camunda Platform 7.16+ from any version prior to 7.16 is not directly supported. Please use the manual update process to migrate at least to Camunda Platform 7.16.0. From there on, you can use Liquibase to update to any later version.

Our installation documentation guides you through the steps to setup and update the Camunda Platform database schema. Our update guide details how to update an existing Camunda Platform installation in general.

Give Liquibase a try! Install Camunda using Liquibase and let us know what you think about it!

Share your thoughts with us!

Your feedback is really important to us, so please download Camunda Platform Runtime 7.16.0-alpha4, try it out, and let us know what you think about it.

You can contact us in the forum, send a tweet to @Camunda, or report a bug in our ticket system.

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