Camunda Automation Platform 7.17.0-alpha2 Released

We're pleased to announce the second alpha release of Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0. Download Camunda for free or run it with Docker today.
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We’re pleased to announce the second alpha release of Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0. This release features the following improvements:

You can download Camunda for free or run it with Docker.

For a complete list of all improvements, take a look at the release notes. Please also see the list of known issues.

If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of the Camunda Platform Runtime. Test it out with a free trial.

The process instances search in Cockpit makes it possible to search for process instances beyond process definition boundaries. If several query criteria are combined, they are linked with a logical AND (conjunctive normal form). Sometimes, it’s necessary to search for process instances whose criteria value matches at least one from a list of criteria values.

With this release, we introduce IN Operator support for the process instances search for the following query criteria in Cockpit:

  • Process instance ID
  • Business key
  • Process definition key
  • Variable value

In addition, we have improved the usability in Cockpit and Tasklist when it comes to entering long comma-separated lists. To do this, click on the Expand symbol, which expands the comma-separated list into a modal dialogue that can now be conveniently edited.

Read more about this feature in the documentation.

History Time to Live Dialogue

We are introducing a pop-up dialogue for editing the history time to live value.

Previously, the time to live value could be changed without any additional confirmation which might have resulted in accidental, unwanted changes. Since this value can have a high impact on the workflow, we added an edit pop-up dialogue with confirmation:

In the dialogue, you can either set a new time to live value or clear its value.

REST API Endpoint to Fetch Telemetry Data

With the 7.14.0 release, we introduced voluntary telemetry.

With this release, we added a REST API endpoint to fetch the data that would be sent to Camunda if telemetry was enabled. This helps to understand in which environment the Camunda Platform Runtime is set up and what features are used. Fetching the data is as easy as opening an URL in your browser. It’s entirely up to you to choose who to share this information with, and you can decide to retrieve the data on a case-by-case basis – no matter if the telemetry feature is enabled or not.

Read more about this feature in the documentation.

Support for Spring Boot 2.6

Camunda 7.17.0-alpha2 features support for the latest minor version of Spring Boot. You can use Spring Boot 2.6 together with the Camunda Platform Spring Boot Starter. Make sure to check out the Spring Boot 2.6 release notes for further details on what’s new.

Share Your Thoughts With Us!

Your feedback is really important to us. Please download Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0-alpha2, try it out, and let us know what you think about it.

You can contact us in the forum, send a tweet to @Camunda, or file a bug in our ticket system.

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