Camunda: A Strong Performer in Forrester DPA Wave

Camunda has received the highest scores possible in six criteria, including vision and innovation. The report cites Camunda’s market focus on endpoint orchestration and automation fabric goals.
camunda receives highest scores possible in vision and innovation criteria
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We’re excited to share that Camunda has entered The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023 as a Strong Performer. We received the highest possible score in six criteria and believe this recognition is a strong testament to the power of Camunda as a process orchestration platform, and to the completeness of our vision today and innovation for the future.

The future of digital process automation

I’m incredibly proud of our debut in the 2023 Forrester DPA Wave Report. Camunda received the highest score possible in six different criteria, including “End-to-end orchestration,” “Data-driven automation,” “Vision,” “Innovation,” “Adoption,” and “Pricing flexibility and transparency.”

As Forrester puts it in the report, “DPA customers should look for providers that have top scores for the most important DPA deep needs,” highlighting end-to-end orchestration, DPA governance, and support for automation fabric goals. Speaking about end-to-end orchestration, Forrester goes on to note: “DPA deep use cases require a strong orchestration layer. The ability to build, visualize, and manage cloud and on-premises endpoints such as APIs, robotic process automation (RPA) bots, microservices, and enterprise applications will be a certainty.”

We believe that our longstanding commitment to open standards like BPMN and DMN, along with our industry leading end-to-end process automation and orchestration capabilities, is central to what makes Camunda unique in the market today. We agree with Forrester that the need to effectively manage a wide variety of endpoints is a certainty, and in fact are already seeing it today, with Camunda driving value and powerful outcomes for our customers and users.

In addition we’re particularly proud of receiving the highest possible scores in the vision and innovation criteria. Our commitment to an open architecture gives organizations more freedom and enables them to choose the technology stacks that work best for their business. Zeebe, our event-driven cloud-native workflow engine, is uniquely capable of automation at scale thanks to its distributed architecture and delivers enterprise-ready performance, resilience, and security. 

Business processes continue to get more complex, and at the same time customers continue to expect faster and smoother experiences. Particularly in an uncertain business environment, it’s increasingly critical for organizations to have a long-term plan for their mission-critical automation initiatives that are flexible, future-proofed and continuously improving.

Orchestrate from pro-code to low-code

No matter your level of process orchestration maturity, we know you want to achieve ambitious goals around digital transformation and process automation to improve business outcomes and customer experiences. Camunda has always been developer-friendly and easy to use, and we always will be. Alongside our best-in-class pro-code capabilities, we have extended the breadth of our offering with solution accelerators like out-of-the-box Connectors.

While we believe that pro-code capabilities are the foundation to tackle the complexity of any real-world automation, Camunda also brings the flexibility and extensibility of smart low-code accelerators to address a lot more use cases, by a lot more people, a lot faster.

Process orchestration is only getting more critical 

From Atlassian to Vodafone to SüdLeasing and hundreds of others, companies of all sizes are using process orchestration to manage all their endpoints—people, systems and devices—and enable efficient automation at scale. As process complexity grows and customer and employee expectations rise, it’s vital to have a flexible and easy to use process orchestration platform that can grow with you towards whatever the future may hold. 

At Camunda, we’re committed to enabling mission-critical end-to-end process automation at any scale, and as easily as possible. 

Thank you

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the entire Camunda community—our customers, partners, developers, champions, and Camundi, for helping us reach this incredibly exciting milestone. Without the thoughtful feedback and hard work of so many this would not have been possible. Our journey from a small BPM consulting team to a company whose process orchestration technology is at the heart of core business processes for hundreds of enterprises has truly been a remarkable one.

I’m so pleased by our recognition as a Strong Performer in this report, including the highest scores possible in criteria such as innovation, vision, and more, but the journey is only just beginning. We have big plans for the future of process orchestration. Thank you for being a part of our growing community.

Download a complimentary copy of the report

You can download a copy of the report with our compliments at the link below. If you’re curious to try us out for yourself, feel free to sign up for a free trial and start exploring everything Camunda has to offer today.

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Camunda: Highest Scores Possible in Vision & Innovation Criteria

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