Camunda Community Podcast Recap: A Developer-friendly Citizen Developer, They DO Exist

Missed the latest episode of the Camunda Community Podcast? Catch up with a quick recap and learn about Maria's journey to becoming a citizen developer.
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Did you miss the latest episode of the Camunda Community Podcast, A Developer-friendly Citizen Developer, They *DO* Exist: “I do not implement code. I like low-code”? It’s a great conversation about how central elements of Camunda—starting with developer-friendliness and critical pro-code capabilities, along with new low-code accelerators—are meant to benefit both technical and non-technical users. Taken together, they aim to help anyone involved with process orchestration reach their goals faster and collaborate more effectively.

Podcast host Mia Moore, Senior Technical Community Builder at Camunda, welcomed Senior Community Manager Maria Alcantra to the show. Maria is not a developer, and the discussion centers on her journey learning software development and the value of hands-on experience and using resources including the Camunda developer community to support her learning and growth.

As Senior Developer Advocate Niall Deehan notes in his introduction, Camunda has added “a whole bunch of features that are intended to make it very easy for a kind of persona called citizen developer to be able to use.” The podcast highlights how Maria put that to the test, and includes lots of fantastic information about the Camunda community, features like the FEEL Playground that Maria found helpful, along with resources and tips around BPMN, DMN and more.

Ready to jump in? Listen to the 26-minute podcast here. To hear more first, read on for some of the top takeaways you can expect to hear in the podcast.

Top takeaways from this podcast

The strength of the Camunda developer community—and if you’re a part of it, you probably already know Maria—was a key part of Maria’s journey. One thing you’ll learn in this podcast is about the great things happening all around the globe in our community, as well as how to get more involved and how welcoming the group is for newcomers.

Maria also shares how she got started on her path to being a citizen-developer, driven by a goal to better collaborate with technical users. What got her there was active hands-on learning, the support of the community, a willingness to experiment and to have fun with it all. All without knowing code to begin with. As Maria herself says in the title: “I do not implement code. I like low code.”

What they said

Want a taste of what each participant says in the podcast? Here’s a few quotes from each of the participants that we think encapsulates the episode well for you:

“Nothing beats hands-on experience. So get that model on the canvas and mess it up. Make it crash. Play with it. That’s the only way really to learn.”

Maria Alcantra, Senior Community Manager

“I was surprised at how fast I could go from not knowing really anything to being able to build something, right?”

Maria Alcantra, Senior Community Manager

“Our community members are so friendly. Everyone I’ve met is so excited when people are trying to learn more they are encouraging, and they want to help.”

Mia Moore, Senior Technical Community Builder

What do you think?

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Listen now

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