• Remote Classroom Trainings for June and July

    We’re gearing up for an online summer of training at Camunda! After CamundaCon Live, we conducted our open classroom trainings remotely for the very first time and they were a great success. We had more than 50 participants from all over the world join our sessions held in American, European and Asian time-zones and we received fantastic feedback. A big thank you to all attendees, it was an absolute pleasure. While on-site classroom trainings are not yet possible, your great feedback means we’ll be keeping our new online format for the summer. Today I’m pleased to announce another set of remotely conducted open classroom trainings in June and July in American, European and Asian time-zones: Camunda BPM for Java Developers...

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  • Which Camunda Training is right for you? Special CamundaCon Live offer – 50% discount on...

    At CamundaCon Live, you’ll learn a lot about the Camunda product stack and how our solutions help all kinds of companies to apply process and workflow automation to really accelerate their digital transformation. So, after CamundaCon Live, you might be feeling highly motivated and cannot wait to fling yourself into your next (or perhaps very first) Camunda project? In that case we want to support you as best as we can to underscore your Camunda knowledge with profound modeling and technical insight. Therefore we’ve just released a special offer for our upcoming remote classroom trainings, which gives you up to 50% discount on the standard price.

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  • The Journey of Camunda BPM Asserts: From Extension to Platform

    For the people who have been in any way involved with the Camunda Community the last few years, this is unlikely to be the first time you’ve heard the name Martin Schimak. Also if you’re a developer using Camunda, chances are that, perhaps unbeknownst to you – you’ve been greatly helped by some of the projects that Martin has created and released as open source extensions for the platform. Having people like Martin as part of the Camunda Community is an important factor to the success and adoption of the Open Source platform, so I wanted to talk to Martin about how he came to be such a positive influence on the project. Perhaps learning from him how to encourage...

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  • Testing DMN Decision Tables

    We did a very successful roadshow the last weeks showing DMN amongst other topics. One thing which was always discussed is how to validate/test DMN decision tables. I want to start with a quote of myself (to give you a good impression on my ego ;-)): When authoring rules in a more agile, business-friendly way, do not forget about testing them in a more agile, business-friendly way. This post shows various approaches discussed on the roadshow.

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