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We’re gearing up for an online summer of training at Camunda!

After CamundaCon Live, we conducted our open classroom trainings remotely for the very first time and they were a great success.
We had more than 50 participants from all over the world join our sessions held in American, European and Asian time-zones and we received fantastic feedback.
A big thank you to all attendees, it was an absolute pleasure.

While on-site classroom trainings are not yet possible, your great feedback means we’ll be keeping our new online format for the summer. Today I’m pleased to announce another set of remotely conducted open classroom trainings in June and July in American, European and Asian time-zones:

  • Camunda BPM for Java Developers
  • Camunda and Microservices
  • BPMN 2.0 Training

“So, why should I be interested in one or more of these?”

Most important, you find yourself in a situation where workflow automation could come in handy.
For example, digital transformation is a thing in your company and you are part of it, either as a business stakeholder, enterprise architect, software developer, or anything in this realm.
Maybe you’re working on your pet project, tired of that hard-to-test spaghetti code that finds the next service to call given all these different cases and conditions.
Or perhaps you’re responsible for a system built upon a ton of micro-services that communicate wildly with each other and you wonder what actually happens with one request before the answer is generated.

Surely, you’ve heard about Camunda BPM and maybe already got your hands dirty with a couple of tutorials and, hopefully, you liked it? Now, you want to move yourself quickly into a position that allows you to start a Camunda project on a professional level, using all the fancy symbols of BPMN 2.0, creating robust, well-tested and easily operable and maintainable software that contains a workflow component.

“So, which Training is Right for Me?”

Join the Camunda BPM for Java Developers training or the Camunda BPM and Microservices training to learn all the nitty gritty details of how Camunda BPM automates BPMN-diagrams in a hands-on fashion with lots of exercises.

Camunda BPM for Java Developers focuses on Java Developers, both the more “classical” enterprise software development with application servers, but also cloud-native development with frameworks like Spring Boot.

Camunda and Microservices focuses on distributed systems communicating via REST, events or message busses and Camunda BPM is “just” one player, either as part of one service or acting as an orchestrator.
No Java skills required – you can use your favorite language(s).

With our BPMN 2.0 Training you’ll learn all the symbols and how to leverage them to create comprehensible, comprehensive and pretty process diagrams that communicate the logic of your business in the best way.

The trainings are held:

  • 5 hours per day, over 5 days
  • split into a morning and an afternoon session


  • Camunda BPM for Java Developers
    • CEST (Berlin), June 15th – June 19th
    • CEST (Berlin), June 22nd – June 26th, German version
    • SGT (Singapore), June 22nd – June 26th
    • EDT (New York), July 6th – July 10th
  • Camunda BPM and Microservices
    • EDT (New York), June 22nd – June 26th
    • CEST (Berlin), June 29th – July 3rd
    • CEST (Berlin), July 6th – July 10th, German version
  • BPMN 2.0 Training
    • EDT (New York), June 8th – June 12th,
    • CEST (Berlin), June 15th – June 19th, German version
    • CEST (Berlin), July 13th – July 17th,

Didn’t find a suitable time-slot?
More trainings will be announced soon, check: Camunda Open Trainings.
Or approach us directly at [email protected] if you’re interested in a private training.

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