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Voices of Camunda: Celebrating Diversity

Join us in celebrating the richness of diversity through the voices of the Camunda team. Discover the shared values that unite us and the unique stories that make Camunda vibrant, inclusive, and a reflection of the world we want to see.

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Sharon voice of Camunda

What does equity in the workplace mean to you?

To me, equity means meeting each person where they are at, with what they need. This is different than equality which promotes meeting everyone with the same regardless of their starting point. Equity fosters an environment of fairness and justice in which employees can grow and contribute.

Sharon Gloyer
People Team, L&D
Georgia, US

Angela Voice of Camunda

How does Camunda make you feel included?

A mix of people/company culture/policies: I feel I can express my true self at Camunda, I don’t have to hide my feelings or pretend. People are welcoming and kind, and our FTO policy is great for work-life balance, benefitting my mental health.

Angela Memoli
People Team, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Olivier - Voice of Camunda

What makes working for a global organization special?

It is the opportunity and actually a privilege to interact, collaborate and working towards achieving a common goal by teammates from different continents, different countries, different cultures, different races, different ways of lives. The fact that we all come together as employees of Camunda despite all these differences aforementioned, to delight our customers and make them love our solutions and adopt them broadly within their organization, is what makes our company great. The Diversity within sets us apart and is a great part of our success. Also, the opportunity to gather once a year during retreats to solidify our bonds through fun activities allows our camaraderie and team player aptitude to grow and get strengthened.

Olivier Fiaty
Customer Success, Senior CSM Americas
West Africa & San Diego, California

Eve - Voice of Camunda

How do you experience diversity outside of Camunda?

Self-education. I live in a country and city where unfortunately diversity isn’t prevalent, so I struggle with finding opportunities to immerse myself and learn about diversity in an ‘everyday setting’. I also strongly believe that it is not others jobs to educate me on diversity, so I proactively seek to educate myself. I don’t like formal forms of education or learning so travel & documentary programmes, seeking out ‘content communities’ to follow on social media as well as how I approach traveling to different countries myself, are the main ways I educate myself.

Eve Plumridge
Marketing Events, Events Manager
Brighton, England

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Monique - Voice of Camunda

What are you curious about?

So many things. Recently global warming and the environment has been something that Ive found myself deep diving into.Trying to figure out how to live life in a more sustainable and earth friendly way! I’ve also recently starting growing vegetables and herbs in my backyard and have been super curious about plant life and how to create the best environments to grow certain things.

Monique Parker
People Team, Talent Acquisition Partner
Seattle, Washington

Immanuel - Voice of Camunda

Why does diversity matter for you?

It forces me to challenge my beliefs and myself. It makes me see the world from different perspectives!

Immanuel Monma
Platform Solutions, Senior Engineering Manager

Travis - Voice of Camunda

What makes working for a global organization special?

The easy answer is the people! It is an experience working and engaging with people from all around the world, especially as an avid traveler. I’ve enjoyed learning other languages, talking about holidays that I am not familiar with and being to understand the significant from a native perspective, and also the ability to experience different parts of the world while supporting a global company is a gift.

Travis Hillery
People Team, Sr. Sourcer
Austin, Texas

Ginelle - Voice of Camunda

Why does diversity matter to you?

Diversity matters to me because I believe to truly have a successful enterprise, or organization we have to make room at the table for all voices. There has been so many times where clear issues were missed, or information not considered because not everyone was present at the discussion. I think by having a diverse group of people, you are able to have a diverse way of thinking and solving problems, and approaching tasks with different mindsets is always a great way to improve how you achieve your goals.

Ginelle Powell-Fulton
RevOps-Operations Management; Channel Operations Analyst
Ontario, Canada

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Tayler - Voice of Camunda

Can you share a moment when you felt a strong sense of belonging at Camunda? What made it special?

Picking just one would be tough, so here are a few (I’ll try not to make this a novel). One that always makes me laugh was in Pennsylvania during last year’s retreat. During the pool party, I climbed what felt like 10 stories of stairs with a hodge-podge group of Camundi from many different teams. We made the climb so we could ride the Venus Slydetrap. Let me tell you, nothing bonds a group of adult-working professionals more than hearing each other scream and laugh on a 600 ft waterslide where you are never truly sure if you are all going to make it to the bottom of the ride still in the tube or unscathed. The second was actually being asked to join as a panelist for Empathy in Practice. A candid conversation with Camundi sharing their views on empathy in and outside of work discussion for this retreat! Being empathetic has always been something I felt I came by naturally but also am always trying to better myself. So, to be included on this panel is such an honor and was truly touching to me. I strive to always be an open and safe space to anyone so I am very much looking forward to it and hope to see many of you there with us!

Tayler Gumble
Senior Employee Communications Manager
Richardson, Texas

Adam - Voice of Camunda

Can you share a moment when you felt a strong sense of belonging at Camunda? What made it special?

At a past retreat, a workshop was held and openly discussed whether Camunda should not do business with certain groups. Everyone was allowed to express their opinion, everyone was heard. There was also a follow-up on the topic later in Berlin. I was very impressed by how openly such topics are treated at Camunda. That was one of many moments in which I was very proud to be a Camundi.

Adam Urban
C8 Integration Services

Shirley - Voice of Camunda

Why does diversity matter for you?

Diversity is very important to me because it shows where differences can create a celebration of people, and culture. It brings awareness of what’s outside of my own culture. It allows me to see creativity in all people and respect other’s perspectives and other’s can respect mines as well. Diversity means respecting other values and honoring something different from your own.

Shirley Adams
Field Ops, Customer Success Manager
San Diego, California

Mary - Voice of Camunda

What does inclusion mean to you?

Ensuring that everyone has a “seat at the table” and their opinions are sought out. While not everyone can be included in every conversation, making sure their voices are heard and their feedback is taken into account, no matter their title or tenure at the company is an important part of making sure everyone feels included and like they’re a part of the experience. Limiting a feedback loop to a hand-picked group of people can lend itself to unconscious bias (choosing people who look like you or have similar experiences rather than bringing in people who are different than you), but by opening it up to everyone, you’ll often be able to become an even more inclusive and supportive company.

Mary Thengvall
Developer Relations, Director
California, USA

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Garima - Voice of Camunda

What does inclusion mean to you?

“Inclusion for me, is that every individual, regardless of their background, should feel valued, respected, and heard. It includes fostering a sense of belonging by involving and respecting each person’s contribution and understanding various perspectives and experiences. When everyone feels included, teamwork and collaboration thrive, creating a positive and dynamic work culture. Ultimately, inclusion is not just a value but a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams, driving success and fulfillment for everyone involved.”

Garima Pandey
Legal and Compliance, Associate Legal Counsel and ESG Coordinator
New Delhi, India

Jakob - Voice of Camunda

Why does diversity matter for you?

To me, diversity (in business) is about team members working together who are different, in various regards (not exclusively in demographic characteristics like gender or ethnicity), and that despite being different, they get along and make great things happen together. It’s a very simple thing, but I believe it is also one of the most difficult, and most important things, that humanity can achieve. That’s why “embracing diversity”, to me, is of a quite fundamental importance.

Jakob Freund
Berlin, Germany

Carol - Voice of Camunda

What steps can we take to address unconscious biases that may exist within our organization and create a more equitable environment?

I would say the first step is to recognize that we all have some form of unconscious biases. And by acknowledging that as the starting point, we can take the accountability to educate ourselves on what they may be and become aware of how they may show up in the workplace. I’ve recently taken some courses to educate myself on what unconscious biases are and how I can examine them in myself.

Carol Teskey
People Team, CPO
Limerick & Dublin, Ireland

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