BPMN Workflow Engine

Automate and orchestrate mission-critical business processes.

  • Automate end-to-end business processes across different components and endpoints
  • Orchestrate RPA bots, automate business decisions, and manage human tasks in a single flow for full control and visibility
  • Build process automation into your IT landscape with minimal disruption thanks to a standards-based, developer-friendly integration approach

Automate business processes from end to end

Processes are the algorithms that determine how an organization runs. Successful businesses grow from proven, effective processes. Camunda’s Workflow Engine executes processes that are defined in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), the global standard for process modeling. With BPMN, you can automate your most complex business processes using an easy-to-adopt visual modeling language.

Automate business processes from end to end
Automate any process anywhere

Orchestrate processes across diverse endpoints

Processes are complex and include many different steps, components, and endpoints across different technologies. The Workflow Engine orchestrates processes that span APIs, microservices, business decisions and rules, human work, IoT devices, RPA bots, and more, so you have complete control and visibility for your most critical business processes.

Take control of your RPA bots

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a popular solution for automating tasks that must be executed in legacy systems that lack APIs. However, RPA bots are notoriously brittle, requiring extensive maintenance and adding to your technical debt. Camunda’s RPA Bridge provides a lifecycle approach to designing, orchestrating, analyzing, and monitoring RPA bots, along with support for replacing RPA bots with APIs or microservices in the future. Learn more about taking control of your RPA bots with Camunda.

Separate Process orchestration
decision table

Build automated decisions into business processes

The BPMN Workflow Engine is tightly integrated with Camunda’s DMN Decision Engine, making it easy to automatically execute business decisions as part of end-to-end business processes. Together, the BPMN and DMN standards allow business stakeholders and IT teams to speak the same language for business automation, promoting collaboration and sustainable alignment.

Get advanced process execution

The Workflow Engine takes advantage of advanced techniques for data persistence, including:

  • A compact data model and sophisticated storage algorithms
  • Optimistic concurrency control to avoid deadlocks
  • Savepoints that ensure fault tolerance
  • Intelligent data caching
  • Separation of runtime data from historical data
  • True intra-process concurrency

Learn more about performance and scalability.

true concurrency

Integrate with your technology stack

Start process instances, complete workflow tasks, and do much more with a comprehensive REST API, including OpenAPI support. You can develop and operate services independently of the Workflow Engine and use REST calls to fetch work from the Engine when needed.

Are you a Java developer? It’s easy to use the Workflow Engine’s Java API in your applications and run Java code from BPMN processes. The Workflow Engine is lightweight and can run in any JVM.

The Camunda BPMN Workflow Engine is ISO/IEC 5230:2020 certified, as defined in the OpenChain Specification version 2.1.


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