Camunda Improves the Process Development Lifecycle Experience with Latest Release

Press Release

April 11, 2023

User Experience and Integration Enhancements in Camunda Platform 8.2 Help Organizations Complete Automation Projects Faster

Process orchestration company Camunda today launched Camunda Platform 8.2, offering several integration and user experience updates that dramatically improve the entire process development lifecycle. These new features make it possible to accelerate end-to-end process orchestration and drive new digital initiatives.

​​“Gartner® research shows that four out of five CEOs are increasing digital technology investments to counter current economic pressures, including inflation, scarce talent, and supply constraints. CIOs and other technology executives are tasked with executing digital IT strategy. Despite many in-progress digital initiatives, few are yet delivering the digital dividends that senior leadership expects,” stated the Gartner CIO Agenda 2023 e-book.

“Competitive pressures are leading many organizations to prioritize automation projects that can quickly show results. To stay ahead, business and IT teams need to take an agile approach to delivering automation solutions faster,” said Daniel Meyer, Camunda CTO. “That requires companies to adopt the proper tooling to accelerate and maximize their efforts, including ways for fusion teams to work together designing and implementing automation projects to create better end-user and customer experiences and streamline operations.”

Camunda Platform 8.2 addresses the process development lifecycle in several key areas:

  • Support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform for deploying Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed. 
  • Development clusters in Camunda Platform 8 SaaS that support running unlimited processes and decisions outside of a production environment.
  • Tailored views in Camunda Web Modeler, allowing users to toggle between a streamlined design mode for business-IT collaboration and a feature-rich implementation mode for developers.
  • New out-of-the-box inbound Connectors for and HTTP Webhooks, allowing external systems to trigger a BPMN process inside Camunda.
  • A suite of outbound Connectors for Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Flow, and UiPath to better orchestrate processes that use RPA. 
  • A testing feature to validate BPMN models in a sandbox environment and deliver proofs-of-concept to business stakeholders faster.
  • New auto-generated process optimization dashboards that business users can customize and improve with rich content tiles for greater context and insight.

“Camunda’s latest release accelerates innovation throughout the process development lifecycle, giving BP3 a platform to deliver better process automation solutions to our clients in either SaaS or self-managed environments,” said David Brakoniecki, managing director at BP3. “We can build automations faster, orchestrate RPA bots from end to end, connect a variety of endpoints, then test and deploy to production with confidence.”

“Camunda Platform enables to develop and deploy automation applications faster,” said Milan Lesnek, a senior software engineer at “We’re already taking advantage of Camunda Web Modeler extensively to design and model processes, and new support Helm charts and documentation in Google Cloud Platform and ARM64 Docker images aligns with our development and engineering teams’ needs.”

Low-code accelerators expand automation potential

New features in Camunda Platform 8.2 extend pro-code capabilities so developers and business technologists can develop automations faster. New inbound and outbound Connectors speed up integrating processes with technologies such as UiPath or Apache Kafka. Drag-and-drop components simplify building production-ready user task forms for processes that require humans in the loop. These shortcuts help maximize automation efforts, accelerate solution development, and streamline operations.

Rapid process development and validation in Web Modeler

The new Play mode provides a powerful way for process development teams using Camunda Web Modeler to test their processes in a sandbox environment as many times as needed, with no risk to production systems. This reduces the effort required to simulate the process realistically, giving more confidence and control to each user:

  • Developers can rapidly develop processes through trial-and-error experimentation.
  • Testers can perform their tests easily and frequently without affecting production systems.
  • Business stakeholders may easily understand and validate that a process behaves as expected.

Play mode will first be available to trial users, Professional Edition, and Self-Managed  Enterprise Edition customers for non-production use.


Camunda Platform 8.2 launches today. A free Camunda Platform account with 30-day trial of premium features is available at

Attend the Camunda Platform Release Webinar on April 18 at 4 p.m. CET / 10 a.m. ET.

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