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Camunda Cloud Professional Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions

Camunda Cloud ProfessionalIncluded
Full Camunda Cloud Feature Stack
Monthly Base Fee$990 / €820
Process Instances
Number of Process Instances started per month
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Additional process instances are $10 / €8 each per month
Task Users
Number of distinct Task Users that have been assigned to user tasks
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Additional task users are $300 / €250 each per month
Named Support Contacts
Your designated employees who act as the primary interface between your organization 
and our technical support.
Support8×5 in selected support time zone
Hardware Package
Hardware Resources reserved for your Camunda Cloud Workspace.
You will most likely not need them but they are limited to reflect a fair usage agreement.
Hardware resource package:
25 CPU Cores
320 GB Storage

Additional hardware resource packages available for:
$23 / €19 per day per package

** Inquire about Camunda Cloud Enterprise volume discount program for large numbers of process instances and/or task users

Camunda Cloud Professional Frequently Asked Questions

Camunda Cloud Professional – Pricing Example

A simple Order Process

In this example, each order results in one process instance. The invoked sub process (“Trigger Delivery”) is not counted as an additional process instance with regards to pricing. The user tasks (“Notify Customer” and “Schedule Delivery”) might assign tasks to different users.

If we expect to process 150 orders each month (100 are included) and expect 15 different users working on user tasks each month (10 are included), this would result in:

Process InstancesTask UsersTotal
Monthly Total15015
– Included10010
Fee per Unit$10$300
Consumption Fee$500$1,500$2,000
Monthly Base Fee$990
Monthly Total Fee$2,990
Simple order process model