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Save your Seat announced – a web-based BPMN modeling toolkit as part of camunda BPM

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  • announced – a web-based BPMN modeling toolkit as part of camunda BPM

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Last week camunda and zalando announced

What is about?

In short: BPMN everywhere, for everyone
In detail: read this blogpost

I want to explain why this is a really important step for camunda BPM.

So far we are offering a great BPMN engine, probably the best you can find if you are a java developer. This engine comes with great Web Applications which fully utilize the deployed BPMN diagrams.

We even offer a BPMN modeling tool, standalone and as eclipse plugin.

Since BPMN is such a great modeling notation, we want more:

Modeling BPMN should be easier and more convenient. There is no need to download and install software, when you can just open your browser and start modeling.

If you are a developer, we want to provide you with an open framework which allows you to embed BPMN in your applications. Users will highly appreciate it.

And we want all of this to be open source.

We believe that this will help BPMN to spread even further.

In our practical experience we have seen so many people and projects who were better off with BPMN than without it.

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And be patient until we present you with the first prototype.

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