• Camunda Forum is moving to Discourse

    We are happy to announce that the Camunda BPM Forum is moving to Discourse.

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  • Camunda Eclipse Plugin 3.0.0 Released

    Today we release version 3.0.0 of the Camunda Eclipse Plugin. This major release provides a set of new features.

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  • Camunda BPM 7.4 Release Candidate Available

    Today we’re releasing Camunda BPM 7.4.0-alpha3. This release is our official release candidate for 7.4.0 final, which we will unleash upon the world on November 30th.

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  • Feedback wanted: Camunda BPM and Business Rules

    Have you ever used the business rules task in BPMN? Are your company’s business rules closely related to your processes? Many of our users will answer these questions with a ‘yes’. With the new DMN standard for decision management and business rules being close to the final release at OMG, the whole topic has recently been getting increased attention. The DMN (Decision Model and Notation) standard has been built in a way so that it can easily interact and integrate with BPMN. Camunda BPM is widely considered a great BPMN engine. We have recently added the CMMN standard for case management to this engine, which was a great success for our users. Now we are thinking about adding a solution...

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  • Camunda Modeler 2.6.1 release

    It’s been a while since our last eclipse Modeler release. We are happy to announce the new Camunda Modeler release 2.6.1. Downloads Eclipse Modeler https://camunda.org/download/modeler/ Standalone Modeler https://camunda.org/bpmn/tool/ Kepler: https://camunda.org/release/camunda-modeler/update-sites/kepler/latest/site/ Indigo and Juno: https://camunda.org/release/camunda-modeler/update-sites/latest/site/ What’s inside? This release ensures compatibility of the Modeler with the latest attributes introduced in Camunda BPM 7.2. Roman has done a great job updating the meta model of the Modeler so that BPMN 2.0 XMLs which contain i/o-mapping and script attributes can now be opened. Additionally, we are happy that two pull requests from our great community are included in this release. What’s next? Currently we are working on the 2.7.0 version of our Modeler, which will expose the attributes we have added with 2.6.1 on the...

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  • Internationalization in the Camunda BPM Tasklist

    In an international open source project like ours, the users speak a huge variety of languages. When building our new Tasklist we had to address the question of how to deal with internationalization. Customizing Your Own Language In addition to the default language, we added the possibility to plugin your own language for all Tasklist texts, labels, dates and date formats. You can of course use multiple languages at a time, based on the browser settings of your users. To achieve this, you simply need to add your own language file(s) to your Tasklist, without even restarting the application. Read the documentation on how to customize your language settings. Existing Translations The great thing of having a community is that...

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  • Job Suspension – Powerful Operations with Camunda BPM

    This blogpost is about a very powerful feature in camunda BPM for operating critical processes which are in production. Given a core process which operates under high volume, almost any problem is critical in a way. The more options you have to deal with those problem the better. I am going to show you one of those options, namely job suspension.   The Process Let’s say you have automated your order processing, i.e. the orders which are generated in your web shop. I will use a very simple example. New orders start a process in the backend, the delivery is scheduled and once the goods are delivered, the payment is scheduled. Let’s say your business is successful and you have...

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  • Announcing the Release Date of Camunda BPM 7.2.0 GA

    The next release date of Camunda BPM has been finalized: 7.2.0 GA* will ship on November 30 From that date on Camunda BPM 7.2 will be be supported as enterprise edition as well. (*General Availability) Here are the highlights of this release: New Tasklist including Filters and improved Forms Embeddable Case Management Engine based on the CMMN OMG-Standard New Scripting, Templating, Data Format and Connector Capabilities Advanced Asynchronous Continuations: asyncBefore and asyncAfter Optimizations on the JobExecutor for High Load Scenarios Rework of the Process Engine Persistence Layer Process Variable Serialization as XML or JSON Of course there is lots of other great stuff in this release, built by the team and our contributors. You want to know more? We will announce the release webinar dates soon...

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