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Joyce Johnson
Learn about how AI automation can help you and your business thrive. Get insights into how you can lower costs, scale faster, improve service and more with AI.
We're excited to announce the 8.5 release of Camunda. Check out what's new.
Using Camunda process orchestration data to provide a more complete picture of your business
What are the issues to look out for when developing your proof of concept? Learn what not to do in the final installment of our series.
Learn about our approach to migration from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8, and how we can help you achieve it as quickly and effectively as possible.
How do you successfully execute a proof of concept? Learn how to carefully test and verify success for your Camunda POC.
We've learned a lot about how to do migration well from our experience with customers. Read on to learn our top lessons to help make your migration easier.
Migrating to Camunda 8 can deliver strong business value to your organization. Read on to learn why you should migrate to Camunda 8 and the business advantages you can achieve.
How can you measure and demonstrate success? Learn how to determine success for your Camunda proof of concept.