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Level up your workflows with AI suggestions for increased efficiency from Camunda Copilot.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential to increase efficiency and decrease the time it takes to create workflows. The latest AI capability we’ve added to Camunda, Copilot, aims to help you with suggestions for possible element types that would be best for a task in your workflow. This helps you model your processes faster and more accurately.

We’re excited to release our latest AI enhancement to our modelers. This additional functionality emphasizes our commitment to providing updates to empower Camunda users. Camunda continues to invest significantly in adding artificial intelligence (AI) into our products to improve efficiencies and the user experience.

What is Copilot?

Maybe you haven’t heard of Copilot yet? Well, Copilot will put you on the right path to revolutionize your modeling journey, enabling you to create process models faster and easier while giving you suggestions and features to minimize errors and increase the accuracy of your process diagrams.

Whether you are a pro-code professional or a low-code developer, Camunda Copilot boosts your process modeling capabilities, providing interfaces and features to make the modeling of complex tasks easier and more efficient.

Integrated AI-powered suggestions with Camunda Copilot

The AI-driven Modeler suggestions are the first of many features we’ll launch as part of Camunda Copilot to help you increase speed, agility, and efficiency across your organization.

As the first in a series of AI enhancements we have planned at Camunda, Copilot can transform brief descriptions from you into detailed BPMN tasks.

Copilot’s intuitive suggestions become actionable advice to enhance quality and accelerate the development of your processes. These AI-powered suggestions improve the accuracy and efficiency of your BPMN process, as well as accelerate development overall. Using these suggestions speeds up the creation and refinement of your process models to save your team both time and resources.

AI-powered suggestions are effortless to use—double-click your task to go into Edit mode. Enter a name for the task like send message and click Show Suggestions to reveal practical suggestions for refining your model, such as implementing a Connector to send an email or a Slack message.

Offering a suggestion to implement a Connector
Apply suggestion for Slack Outbound Connector

This addition of AI to your modeling experience helps onboard new users of BPMN as well as expert modelers. Process models are optimized and efficiently designed so that you can pursue your most complex processes faster and successfully.

How can I try it?

The first version of our new AI-powered suggestions feature is now shipped with the most recent Web Modeler SaaS release. You will need to enable the alpha feature in your Camunda Console. Open the Console, select your cluster, and click the Settings tab.

Enable alpha feature in Camunda Console

Here, you can see the AI-powered features that you can enable.

AI-powered features available to Modeler are enabled

Once you’ve enabled a feature, simply refresh your browser and go to Modeler to start taking advantage of this powerful feature.

Accessing suggestions

Now that you have enabled the functionality, you’re ready to try out AI-powered suggestions. Create a blank task in Modeler and double-click the task to go into Edit mode. Name the task, then click Show Suggestions to see if Copilot has any appropriate suggestions related to your task.

Gif showing AI suggestions in process

What happens if there are no suggestions available for your entered text? You get a notification that explains this.

Notification explaining absence of suggestions for workflow element

Experiment with generating suggestions by making changes to your descriptive text, such as:

  • Adding additional words for clarification
  • Removing words to broaden the suggestion options
  • Changing words from things like mail to email or message.

The following shows an example of modifying text to get the proper suggestions for your task.

Gif showing how to modify input text in order to get usable suggestions from the AI

If you select a boundary, intermediate, or start event, Copilot will offer suggestions about a Connector or a webhook. For example, you may get very different suggestions on a blank task versus a boundary event. Take a look.

Select an event type to receive different suggestions from AI

Notice how the suggestion on the boundary event is a webhook, while on the task, Copilot suggests a Connector.

Note: At this time, Copilot only suggests out-of-the-box Connectors, but we’re reviewing including custom templates as well in a future release.

Start building processes faster and more efficiently today

This latest improvement brings forth low-code features, empowering users to develop their custom applications with greater ease while providing time savings to the seasoned developer with no need to retype boilerplate or hunt through menu items. AI-driven suggestions reduce the necessity for extensive programming, enabling low-code contributors to make meaningful contributions while also offering strong support for professional developers.

This two-pronged strategy guarantees an inclusive atmosphere where every team member can actively participate without the need for extensive training periods. This is achieved without sacrificing the advanced toolset required by seasoned developers.

You’ll get better results faster, enabling you to stay agile and quickly respond to market changes with the new features offered by Camunda Copilot.

Learn more

Learn more about how Camunda can help you with your process diagram development needs with a free trial. Camunda is a powerful and flexible process orchestration platform that can help you automate your underwriting processes and drive lasting value.

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