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Shane Ernest
Banking and financial services companies face a challenging landscape. Learn how to tame complexity and maximize value with process orchestration.
The ISO 20022 standard is creating an opportunity for banks and financial services firms to rethink their processes with a focus on efficiency, customer experience, and value creation.
Camunda’s latest release adds many features that improve the user experience and help you scale automation success. Check out what's new!
Banks must strategically optimize processes beyond T+1 to achieve a high degree of straight-through processing. Process orchestration can help.
Learn how you can take advantage of generative AI to build forms faster and incorporate them into your processes.
We’ve enhanced Camunda Optimize to produce more structured data so that it is ready for machine learning, making it easier than ever to take advantage of AI to improve your processes. Learn how.
Camunda Platform 8.2 brings a suite of features that improve the process development lifecycle and helps you further scale automation. Read the latest.
Check out the highlights from our recent webinar, where we break down the 2023 State of Process Orchestration report.
Learn about the latest ways to build, preview and test forms to enable effective human workflow orchestration with Camunda Platform 8.