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Category: Process Orchestration
Take a closer look at how you can automate and orchestrate chaos experiments using Zeebe.
Learn the difference between orchestration and automation and how you can apply them in your organization. See examples, use cases and more.
How can process orchestration help you achieve your loan automation goals, outperform competitors and improve experiences?
With Camunda Platform 8, complex business processes are managed easily. Hear directly from users and learn how.
Curious about which integration pattern is right for your business processes? Check out this post where we compare and contrast three different patterns.
Reduce the environmental impact of your business processes using Camunda and carbon-aware process execution.
Learn the fundamental features of CMMN and how BPMN can easily match CMMN in dynamism.
Banks must strategically optimize processes beyond T+1 to achieve a high degree of straight-through processing. Process orchestration can help.