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At Camunda, we have always pushed ourselves to innovate in the field of Process Automation. From our early days as a lightweight Java project, we’ve relentlessly innovated — engineering an end-to-end Process Automation tech stack that has helped organizations across the globe automate mission-critical processes.

But innovation never stops and organizations continue to look for new ways to increase the velocity of business transformation. To address this need, more and more organizations are turning to the cloud, which is increasingly becoming a business transformation accelerator. 

That being said, as enterprise applications are being built entirely in the cloud, organizations are struggling with automating processes across multiple systems, people, and devices in an end-to-end manner. These processes often include modern components such as microservices and serverless architectures, as well as distributed and high-throughput applications. Development teams are finding it time-consuming and cumbersome to build and run their own Process Automation environments, adding significant cost and delays to their application development timelines.

In a world where organizations have come to expect the simplicity and efficiency of Cloud-based, fully managed services, Process Automation is no exception. We therefore want to provide an enterprise-scale Process Automation as a Service solution that is truly transformative and lives up to the expectations of our “cloud-first” customers and users. That’s why we’re excited to announce the General Availability of Camunda Cloud.

Camunda Cloud

Camunda Cloud is an enterprise SaaS solution for end-to-end Process Automation built from the ground up for the cloud. It is based on the ISO standard BPMN and includes a horizontally scalable workflow engine along with built-in components for collaborative modeling, operations, and analytics.

As a fully managed Process Automation as a Service, it provides push-button deployment and is ideal for enterprise development teams that need instant access to highly scalable process automation services for their mission-critical applications. Being built for the Cloud means a flexible, open architecture which easily fits into existing environments, while also running on Kubernetes with loosely coupled building blocks that can be deployed and scaled individually, making it effortless to scale for Cloud native applications.

Just like Camunda Platform, Camunda Cloud puts developers centerstage — it is built to improve developer productivity with built-in integrations for a broad range of programming languages and tools.

As I said in my recent keynote at Camunda Community Summit: We believe that Camunda Cloud will accelerate how organizations will be able to adopt process automation in a way that will be highly developer-friendly, but at the same time, will remove heavy operational burdens. 

To enable organizations even more and help them to accelerate their Process Automation journey, we have engineered a Cloud native stack that covers the full automation lifecycle:

  • Collaborative process design for business & IT with human-readable graphical models based on the ISO-standard BPMN 2.0.
  • Horizontally scalable workflow orchestration powered by a new class of BPMN workflow engine that delivers true horizontal scalability and enables high-performance use cases that were once beyond the realm of workflow automation.
  • Process visibility & monitoring for mission-critical processes that span multiple systems and services. With tools designed for teams to manage, monitor, troubleshoot running workflow instances. 
  • On demand and scalable with native Kubernetes integration to easily create and manage all workflow clusters. Deploy processes at the push of a button, scale to meet needs, monitor cluster health and control organizational settings.
  • Built in gRPC integration supports a broad range of programming languages including Java, C#, Node.js, Ruby, Rust and Golang. 
  • Support for a variety of process use cases including microservices orchestration, serverless function orchestration (e.g. AWS Lambda), human workflow management, and end-to-end Process Automation across people, systems, and devices.

Proven in Production

Camunda Cloud has been built with significant input from customers who have already deployed the solution in production environments during an extensive public beta period and an early access program. Camunda Cloud is being used globally for various use cases. athenahealth is using it to automate its messaging campaigns:

“We needed to orchestrate and automate the millions of messages that we send out on a daily basis. Camunda Cloud provides the advanced workflow and high throughput capabilities we need while making it easy for us to run millions of process instances at any given time.”

Kunal Shrestha, Director of Product Management, athenahealth.

Mineko is another example:

“Using BPMN improves maintainability of the orchestration. We can show all orchestration models to our colleagues and stakeholders without having problems explaining it.”

Felix Jordan, CTO, Mineko

If you’d like to see more of the amazing projects our early adopters have built, read how MINEKO is orchestrating AWS lambdas with Camunda Cloud.


We’re making Camunda Cloud available immediately, and on demand at It will be available in three distinct plans: 

  • The Free trial plan which provides users the ability to easily get started modeling and deploying processes in Camunda Cloud. It includes the entire Camunda Cloud feature set along with Community support.
  • The Professional plan which is designed with self-service in mind, and provides a quick and easy entry point for a paid subscription that’s ideal for small teams to get started with Camunda Cloud. It comes at a base price of USD $990/month and is billed annually. This base price includes predefined Process Instances, Task Users, and a pre-configured set of cloud hardware resources. Please visit the Professional plan FAQ for more details. It also includes 8×5 support in your timezone. Additional Process Instances, Task Users and cloud resources are available based on consumption pricing.
  • The Enterprise plan, which is ideal for organizations looking to automate several of their business processes. It can scale effortlessly to support a large number of monthly process instances, includes enterprise SLAs and 24×7 support. 

Camunda Cloud is immediately available on-demand at

You can read more about Camunda Cloud in our release blog and don’t forget to let us know what you think — your feedback shapes our products and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say and learning more about what you’re building with Camunda Cloud. You can easily reach us on the Camunda Forum or get in touch with us via our website.

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