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Category: Announcements
Make sure to switch to the new domain between April 1 - Sept. 30, 2022, before the old URLs will be shut down. 
Our Expert Sessions agenda is now live for you to preview. Join us on April 26 - 28 for our virtual, interactive conference.
We’re excited to announce the release of Camunda Cloud 1.4.0-alpha2. You can sign up for a free trial now to get started right away.
We are shocked and saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We join the many individuals and companies supporting them, with our own contributions.
Learn how the help of our process automation and support, made BT Media and Broadcast fully equipped to adapt for their clients' needs. 
Our next cohort of Camunda Champions are about to begin. Take a look at our new recruits and learn how to join the program.
Learn why we're adopting JFrog Artifactory to enhance our artifact storage capabilities and what that means for you as a user.
We’re excited to announce the release of Camunda Optimize 3.6.0-alpha2. Learn about the new capabilities introduced in Optimize 3.6.0-alpha2.
We’re excited to announce the release of Camunda Cloud 1.2.0-alpha2. Camunda Cloud 1.2.0-alpha2 is the second alpha release for our next stable minor release in October.