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Tag: DMN
What is a decision engine? Why is a decision engine important? Learn how they work in this guide.
When the backlog grows too fast, how do we prioritize the work that’s in front of us? See how we do it at Camunda.
Document business processes with the BPMN and DMN Modeler for Confluence - two plugins available for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.
A bill's journey through the U.S. House of Representatives is modeled in Camunda Platform 8 and BPMN. Along the way, see how forms incorporate human tasks throughout the process and how DMN helps minimize errors.
Camunda Platform 8 only just arrived, and there’s already a lot of excitement around this new release. Early adopters share their highlights.
Recently, I was painfully reminded of the Dark Lord’s failure when I discovered Harry Potter (the person, not the books) turns 40 tomorrow. To help get my mind off of it, I built a Sorting Hat.