BPMN 2.0: We take you by the hand.

You want to map your processes with BPMN for your IT project? Your employees have some fundamental knowledge of BPMN or did some basic training but are not completely firm in it? Or you simply don’t have the capacities? Then we can help you. We support you with consulting time which you can either use at once or selectively when you need it. According to your need the conditions can be adapted respectively.

A typical example for this kind of support:
  • Initial kick-off-workshop (including a training if necessary) of 2-4 days
  • Joint process discovery and documentation, as required 3-5 days/one week
  • Selective workshops for reviews, sparring, etc., used on the basis of a contingent of 10-50 days in a time frame of 2-6 months.
  • remote-consulting via telephone, e-mail and web-conferences, used on a basis of a contingent.
  • remote-support: just as remote-consulting, but with guaranteed short response time.

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