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Orchestrate Human Workflows

Organizations around the world have been moving toward the goal of automating traditionally manual human activities for decades. Fast forward to today, with millions of people working remotely and mission critical operations breaking down because they depend on a manual process which in turn requires a person to act.

With Camunda, teams can automate notifications, recording, assignments and escalations while providing a flexible Tasklist to include human task flow activities and decisions.


Orchestrate, Observe and Analyze Microservices

Modern microservices software architectures often require orchestration to ensure critical business processes that span multiple microservices can be carefully monitored, managed and analyzed.

Camunda is lightweight, can be embedded in a microservice, run as an independent orchestrator and comes with the tooling necessary to provide non-technical users insight into key processes. It also provides a significant process transparency to allow for technical troubleshooting and improvements.


Take Control of Your RPA Bots

Robotic process automation has emerged as a popular approach to automate manual tasks in systems where no API is available. However, RPA results in challenges such as poor process visibility, siloed bot deployments, hidden maintenance and security costs, and increased process complexity.

Use Camunda to orchestrate, monitor, and analyze RPA bots as part of your end-to-end business processes. Get a full understanding of your processes and capture a complete record of activity across multiple services and bots.

Tame Case Management with Process Orchestration

Delivering better customer experiences can often be hindered by the complexities found in case management processes.

Camunda offers a composable platform that streamlines intricate case management processes so your teams can efficiently complete their work and delight customers while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Orchestrate Across APIs

From social media log-ins to payment gateways and everything in between, APIs are the building blocks of modern software. However, automating processes across many different APIs can be complex, and it doesn’t account for processes that involve additional endpoints such as RPA bots, ERPs, CRMs, document management systems, and human work. Camunda process orchestration enables you to design, automate, and improve processes that require APIs along with other types of process endpoints from end to end.

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