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Category: Getting Started
Learn how to create your own Connector templates and use them to provide an individualized and reusable component.
API and microservice are often used interchangeably, but they're different. Learn the differences between microservices and APIs.
Automation is a powerful tool for wrangling complexity. Find out how a process engine can help you use it effectively.
Learn the difference between orchestration and automation and how you can apply them in your organization. See examples, use cases and more.
How can process orchestration help you achieve your loan automation goals, outperform competitors and improve experiences?
Explore the Connector template schema and see what makes these templates so powerful and extensible.
Learn the fundamental features of CMMN and how BPMN can easily match CMMN in dynamism.
Camunda Platform 8's API-first design makes it a capable solution for headless automation.
The Integration Framework is a significant upgrade over external script tasks, with improved reusability, user-friendliness, and customization.