Automating service processes & the interaction & integration between different software systems

BS PAYONE GmbH is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and is one of the leading omnichannel-payment providers in Europe. In addition to providing customer support to numerous Savings Banks (Sparkasse) the full-service payment service provider also provides cashless payment transaction services to more than 255,000 customers from stationary trade to the automated and holistic processing of e-commerce and mobile payments.


BS PAYONE GmbH has chosen Camunda as BPMS because we are convinced that...

...with this decision, we have chosen the best way for collaboration between business departments and technical teams.

...we receive structured overviews, detailed optimization opportunities and clear administration options for processes that are extremely important for operation.

...with Camunda, we have a highly professional team at our side that stays on top of the trend-setting topics in process automation and creates innovative products and services.

- Jan Gerle, Head of IT