Founded in May 1994, DAB Bank has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 1999. DAB Bank AG was Germany’s first discount broker. As a direct bank, DAB Bank offers a full range of products and services related to banking, investing and trading. Through its products, DAB Bank provides solutions for savers, investors and traders. In the B2B sector, DAB Bank also serves as a partner to asset managers, investment fund brokers, investment advisors, banks and savings and loan institutions.


By introducing BPMN 2.0 we want to establish a uniform language and method for modeling business processes at DAB bank, especially in order to improve the communication between business and IT and external partners, making it more exact and reliable. To avoid methodological discontinuities, BPMN 2.0 was also used in the technical execution environment (BPM engine). This approach offers many opportunities; it also requires a stable methodological frame and a good coordination of the tools used. Camunda accompanies us from the beginning in this plan and manages to get together all the relevant parties and stakeholders at one table. And with their holistic understanding of process modeling in combination with their proven BPM framework, Camunda ensured a swift progression of the process. In this context Camunda also covers the integration of our already existing BPM modeling tool and clarifies all requirements with the manufacturer of that tool regarding an effective roundtrip with our technical execution environment. We are very satisfied with the services provided by Camunda and can highly recommend it to any other company with similar project plans.

-Karl Brandner, Chief Architect IT