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Stedin is a regional Dutch network operator which operates mainly in the Randstad. Stedin is responsible for the transmission of electricity and gas to approximately 2 million households and industrial customers. Stedin has a total of nearly 4 million connections. Except three of the four major cities of The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam also includes the Port of Rotterdam within the area of the grid.


The main reasons why we chose Camunda BPM are:

  • BPMN 2.0 compliant
  • Technical error/incident handling using Cockpit
  • Possibility to change running instances
  • Possibility to migrate process instances to other versions
  • External task concept
  • Process priority functionality
  • Lightweight & fast engine
  • Excellent documentation
  • Easy to integrate with backend services
  • Easy to control used resources (threads, memory etc)

Our experience so far is very good. Migration from the current BPM suite implementation to the Camunda BPM platform took only 4 days. Camunda support is handling issues very fast.