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Camunda Web Modeler

Start designing business process models today.

  • Create, organize & share unlimited BPMN & DMN models.
  • Invite up to 4 teammates to your project for collaborative modeling.

Your free account unlocks a 30-day trial of all platform features, after which you may continue modeling for free.

Open Source Desktop Modeler

Supports: BPMN, DMN, Forms
Version: 5.25.0
Release Date: July 2, 2024
Platform: Camunda 8 and below

License: Camunda Modeler is licensed under the MIT license. Third-party libraries included are distributed under their respective licenses (view third-party notices). No warranties: Camunda Modeler comes without any guarantees.

A powerful, customizable tool for local pro-code development

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A collaborative, integrated tool for cloud-based design and development

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Step 1: Download or clone this repo. You may already have it.

Step 2: Open the `docker-compose/camunda-8.6` folder. This contains the alpha releases for the upcoming 8.6 release.

Step 3: Run

					docker compose --profile modeling up -d


Step 4: Open Web Modeler at localhost:8070

Get Started

  1. Download and unzip
    Just unzip the download in a folder of your choice. No additional installation necessary.
  2. Start Camunda Modeler
    Run Camunda Modeler.exe (Windows), Camunda Modeler.app (Mac) or camunda-modeler (Linux).
  3. Run your own Workflow
    Check out the getting started page to learn how to build and run your own workflow in no time.

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