DMN Decision Engine

Collaboratively automate business decisions
  • Align IT and the business to automate decisions and orchestrate them as part of end-to-end business processes
  • Use Camunda Platform to manage the complete decision lifecycle, from design to implementation to execution
  • Achieve lightning-fast decision automation to deliver the performance your business requires and your customers expect

  • Build decision automation into your IT landscape with minimal disruption thanks to a standards-based, developer-friendly integration approach

Collaborate on automated business decisions

Business decisions are subject to constant change as organizational needs evolve, and automating decisions helps you quickly adapt to changing business requirements. With Camunda, business stakeholders and IT teams can work together to implement business rules and automate business decisions using Decision Model and Notation (DMN), a global standard for decision modeling and automation. DMN helps you align business needs with technical implementation, so teams can shorten development cycles and roll out automated decisions faster.

Build automated decisions into business processes

Processes are the algorithms that determine how an organization runs, and business decisions are critical to effective processes. The Decision Engine is tightly integrated with Camunda’s BPMN Workflow Engine, making it easy to automatically execute decisions as part of end-to-end business processes.

Manage the decision automation lifecycle

You can use the DMN Engine stand-alone, or combine it with other Camunda Platform features to manage the complete decision automation lifecycle: designing decisions collaboratively with Cawemo, implementing them in Modeler, and monitoring their execution in real time using Cockpit.

Get lightning-fast decision execution

The Decision Engine is designed for highly efficient execution of complex decision tables, supporting high throughput and requiring minimal infrastructure resources. The Decision Engine takes advantage of advanced techniques for high performance, such as intelligent data caching and separation of runtime data from historical data. Learn more about performance and scalability.

Integrate with your technology stack

Execute decision tables and decision requirements diagrams with a comprehensive REST API, including OpenAPI support. The API also gives you access to the Camunda History Service, which provides essential information about past decisions — including input parameters, business rules that were triggered, and the resulting output.

Are you a Java developer? It’s easy to use the Decision Engine’s Java API in your applications and unit-test decision tables. The Decision Engine is lightweight and can run in any JVM.


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