Activiti Migration

Target Group:

Activiti users


Certificate of completion



Course Overview

This one-day workshop is aimed at Activiti users considering a migration to Camunda Platform. Together with a project-experienced Activiti consultant, you will discuss the similarities and differences between Activiti and Camunda Platform and decide whether a migration would benefit you.

You will also have the opportunity, if necessary, to examine your own BPM architecture or individual applications and look at their potential flaws. The specific steps of a migration will be described in detail so that you can estimate how much work the actual migration will be and what needs to be considered in your case.

At the end of the seminar, you can make a profound decision on the use of the two open source projects.


Camunda Platform
  • Why did you fork?
  • The Camunda Platform open source project
  • Components
  • Activiti vs. Camunda Platform
  • Roadmap
  • How to contribute?
Technical Details
  • Differences between Activiti and Camunda Platform
  • New possibilities for your architecture (embedded vs. shared Process Engine)
  • Migration step by step (best using your application)
  • Review of your current application