WildFly Swarm Community Extension 1.0.0 Released

WildFly Swarm is a way to build your Java EE application with just enough of the application server, packaged in one uber-jar.
This is usually the way to go, when building microservices architecture, when each service is such kind of Jar, containing the server runtime inside it.
For those who want to try it out, the community extension is now available to easily include Camunda Engine and/or Web applications into WildFly Swarm projects.

This extension provide so called “fractions”:

  • camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-platform for Camunda engine
  • camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-rest for Camunda REST API
  • camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-webapp(-ee) for Camunda Webapps



Please also check example project.

Feel free to contribute in source code or report the issues. You can find the source code on GitHub.

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